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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If ever once Scott Walkers religous background is showing through, there it is, God bless him! 02 11 2015

If ever once Scott Walkers religious background is showing through; there it is and God bless him!

They don't even meet the lowest academic standards!

I have a big problem with sub intelligent people becoming millionaires and then wielding public influence!

And where does this Native American problem stem from? The English helped them in the war against the colonists! It is imperialism attempting to defeat our Constitutional freedom!

Drinking smoking bad attitude punks!

You want to give the normal public some of you money?

How about some of the people you Indians are Skin Walking in? You want to give some of us that casino money? Yeah I know who you are, I saw you!  You ask around your tribes a little bit and you will see what I am saying is true!

Why can't you set up a trading post? Why alcohol tobacco and gambling? Why! Why! Why! You have NO honor! You are worse than the white man!

Native Americans were very good at making things! Why can't you open factories?

Why can't you grow organic food and label it and sell it?

I think you got the mean Asian gene!

What do you want to make it all roaming land again? Now I don't like the office towers as much as you don't! But you just built one didn't you!  What is wrong with living in a house instead of a tepee?  I suppose you take issue with that? So we did indeed give you something you like?  Our culture really wasn't that bad to you?  If you disagree you can forsake the house for a tepee quite easily can't you!

And instead of using guns to protect yourself from bears and wolves you can go back to charging them with spears.

And I know the lack of work opportunity you face! And do you know who is causing it? That same faction that aided you against the original colonists! Sure they got their way and created unconstitutional corporations in the United States but they don't hire you do they!

And I know what it feels like to be a victim of a teacher creating negative expectations for you! And I see that sorrow in your faces!

I also know that after they gave you the alcohol and made you mentally defective they attempt to raised you to be skin walkers just like themselves! That is something your tribal history abhorred! Yeah I watched that PBS show where the Englishman was teaching the Indian to think faster than what he termed God! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

Now when there were initially Casinos' I had believed it was all fair chance based on odds! But it isn't! It is based on demonizing a human soul and displacing it in space time so some freak can read the future of a person and set the odds accurately from stealing their soul! Now you Indians had an issue with pictures being taken of you because you thought it stole your soul. So again you are not consistent in respecting and practicing what you preach isn't good! If your ancestors knew what you were up to they would take your scalps!

Why should you have more money and greater rights than the rest of us? Remember we could have slaughtered every single one of you as savages but we didn't! But now you don't respect us! You want the easy money you don't have to work or think one bit for!

And the truth be told is that you don't like us! You cannot hide the look of animosity and resentment you have for us! That makes you akin to a communist or imperialist threat to worldwide freedom.

Have you done good things with the gambling money? No, you smoke and drink with it! And then have mentally retarded children from IT and act pitiful and needful! Now I had believed you had the same potential as the rest of us. But you do have that Asian gene and they have proven themselves to want to rob us blind!

Because Gambling involves the “house” creating the mentally ill we may need a Constitutional Amendment to ban it for good nationwide! Believe me I know you have not been playing fair!

And I had a native American friend once and she was a nice gal. Had a little bit of an inferiority complex that came through now and then. But she was good to be with. And that is how I judge people, are they good to be with. So I am not a racist but there is something I am trying to ferret out of every race! Every race has what might be termed an evil witch doctor. I want them ferreted out!
I don't drink or smoke and am of healthy mind and body because of it, even though I hear voices that ruin everything I intend to accomplish!  So I want to do the exact same thing for you!  I want to take away your alcohol and tobacco so you can be of healthy mind and body too!  And perhaps after that none of us will hear voices from those of the unhealthy mind and body?
Do you know that the only reason they gave you casinos was so that a small cadre of them could become extremely wealthy from managing them!  Those are white men I don't like either!  But you got in bed with them!  So what will be your fate if some day they have to go?

One more word to you!  On the dilemma of free gifts.  If someone gave me free alcohol today I would NEVER drink it!  Someone that gives you free alcohol isn't giving to you they are taking from you!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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