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Monday, February 9, 2015

College Story Giggling Italian Queers 02 09 2015

College Story Giggling Italian Queers 02 09 2015

I took an economics course at UW Milwaukee in College. College courses often have lectures in large lecture halls as well as discussion sections heading by teaching assistants (TA) in smaller rooms at other times during the week.

The TA for this course was a young India Indian man. Two Italian students who looked like they came from a crime family sat in the back row and laughed and laughed at him as he spoke.

I will guarantee you that I thought he speaking mannerisms were funny too! And they were extremely hard to understand; fractured English that sounded like jibberish. But I wasn't there to make fun of him or bring those emotions of humor to the forefront. I was there to learn and respect the teacher. Now I have stated this before; I often believe that some teachers only learn by listening to the minds of their normal students as they do their homework in quiet. Is that what the giggling Italian queers knew that I didn't want to believe?

Did I learn anything with the two Italian queers in the class?  Not as much as I should have.  Would I have learned more if they were not in the class?

But I ask myself this, how come those two Italian boys could not sit and listen?

I find that when the Italian talks it is crudeness and uncultured. Like how what I believe to be a cretin has a hollow echoing pattern at the end of his words. Lack of brain development through being spoiled is the exact same as mental retardation isn't it! But women like that because it gives them something that they can intellectually dominate!

Now even though the two were not likely to be overtly gay there is no way that you can't say that they were not queer! Queer meaning odd!

In psychology there is a concept used to diagnose mental illness. It is called Time, Place, Mode, Object. It wasn't either the time, place or mode to find humor was it!

Now this India Indian man finally said, “If you don't want to be here leave!” He said it a few times and they did!

Now did those two Italians eventually go on to become multimillionaires controlling money in some faction? I believe that is likely true! Should they ever have been entrusted with that responsibility in a democracy for humans? No!

There was a lot of real estate development in Milwaukee after that which was controlled by Italians. But buying cheap warehouses no longer used to manufacture and warehouse and the renovation of warehouse districts wasn't their idea.

But I saw a connection between Jewish professors and Italians in the University system.  One of tribalism?  And from history we know that the Jews were heathenized by the Romans.  And the ones who were not heathenized as sycophants and commiserates were tortured and killed weren't they!  I think we have that legacy with us today!  I would hope there would be some that would want to de- heathenize and live in peace like they did initially in post wine and pig bones Israel?  You control the media and future of humanity so the choice of continued life for all of us is yours today!

The money trail should accumulate at the doorstep of the person who actually had the ideas and not the Italian queer.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

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