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Sunday, February 8, 2015

In my article about the drug dealer having 585,000 worth of heroin in his basement in Milwaukee I bring up a good point I need to further articulate

So if all the money from a drug dealer is confiscated for racketeering.  And I don't know if that is the case or not.

But then who pays the expensive lawyers fees?  Does it come out of that pool of money seized in racketeering and called an estate? If it does it shouldn't!

Why not?  Because it makes the lawyer a wealthy benefactor to the crime from the proceeds of the crime!  Benefactor is the same as participant!

And we very well know how everyone is networked in order to be successful today, don't we!

How could it end up working?  "Don't investigate so and so until he has amassed $500,000.oo from drug dealings and caused heroin related deaths of these three people we don't like."

And then the lawyers use the drugs and we end up with the drive to legalize narcotic substances?  Why? Because that which was feeding from crime profits could naturally make a meaningful contribution to our society and raise a family doing so?

Lawyers drumming up business by allowing drug dealing to flourish?  An Imperialist insurgency.  Someone once told me that some woman gave a presentation stated that "What did those accused of being witches and hung in the Salem witch trials do to deserve that?  They didn't do anything!"  That isn't true, some of them were executed for poisoning people and one priest for sexually assaulting a boy.  Poison is about the same as drugs to me!  The puritans believed themselves to be Godly.  Can you see how a literate, non drug using, educated person would consider themselves to be above a low life drug dealer?

Some people with the retard chip on their shoulder will snottily accuse you of, "Do you think you are better than me?"  Yes I do, and I just told you why!  And even though we can say your personal circumstance isn't all your fault and relates to your parents, yes I do think I am better than you.  And which point you become the victim of an act of violence don't you!  Proves your point even further doesn't it!

The Founding Fathers considered all men to be equal.  A drug dealer is neither a father nor a man.  So the equality issue really means that everyone is expected to be born birth defective free and rise to learn at the academic standards!  It is too much to ask for today isn't it, so the concept of equality gets warped by those who are unequal and then all of our legal standards become reduced until some brat group gets to point the finger and state, "You see, we told you Democracy was bad!"

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