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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Walker and Right to Work Laws 02 21 2015

Walker and Right to Work Laws 02 21 2015

Per a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article this morning 02 21 2015

Right to Work Laws are defined as those that, “Bar businesses and unions from reaching labor deals requiring workers to pay union fees.”

I agree with that! I believe that the worker rarely benefits from them. I believe that all worker complaints should have readily implementable laws that are immediately enforced and enforceable that relate to when workers rights and fair living standard of pay are violated.

Do you know what Unions amount to to me? Networked crime; whereby the normal son or daughter of responsible parents who don't use drugs (including alcohol) doesn't have a chance! Unions are the employment gatekeeper to organized and networked crime!

Now in theory they are great supporting the workers rights and equal pay? But that isn't true! Far too many of us have become disabled by working for those who should not even have been parents or allowed to have children! Those unions have not fought successfully to keep jobs in the United States! Which means the Union Managers are paid off or ineffective or just plain criminal minded! It amounts to a gang fee. So you believe that I am for the wealthy business owners? Quite the contrary! That limited liability structure is unconstitutional! And that is easily addressed by my petition for you to sign below.

But more important than that I believe in a fair and safe workplace! To be put in harms way, or worse disabled in the workforce; by a uneducated potato head manager! We can't put up with that any more! Not even one more single instance of it!

And there should never be wishy washy temporary employment!  That only serves to make the great minds of the college educated disposable and disabled as the brain entrain the mentally defective in the workforce!

And what is forcing a person to pay for health insurance? It is really further absolving them from a potato head manager not looking after them! But perhaps it is more viewed as this employee is such a liability to the firm that we need them to pay for their own health insurance for any health matters they cause themselves! And that is true too! So to address that you have to ban what is harmful to their general health as the Constitutions prime objective is! And there could indeed be a general shakeup if we get a President in office who knows what it means to protect the Constitution of the United States! But it needs to be done in order to restore the freedom of the people!

The limited liability of Corporate status used to only be granted if it served the public good. That has been greatly abused. But it only came about because FDR repealed Prohibition and new that drunks and drunks sons could not employ or be employed and maintain their wealth without it! And FDR broke the law when he repealed Prohibition! Because in order to amend the Constitution you have to have a valid purpose and intent! The 21st amendment repealed Prohibition. But his son(?) procured the rights to sell foreign hard alcohol in the United States from some European companies in conjunction with the repeal. Which means it was not repealed with valid intent and purpose. Keeping money in the family is not valid intent and purpose. FDR was of French and English descent and his family money came from the opiate trade (organized crime) with China! Russia and Germany agreed to split Poland in two. German troops rolled in on their side and England and France attacked Germany and that was the start of WWII.

Now sure I could look at this and say that the Chinese have all been gooked up from opiate use and all have fetal birth defects from it, and therefore make the best labor force to produce cheap goods to the United States from. But I have a big problem with the wealthy gooking up a population with drugs! My morals believe in equality; and that means you don't screw with peoples health to make fortunes. And nor do you raise the son and daughters of potato heads by splitting the minds of a real American men and women.

And now the Native Americans want to grow marijuana? They all have the Asian gene and should be sent back there! They want to gook up white children don't they! Don't believe me? Go with me to a Casino and watch how shifty eyed they get when I am there!

If you believe in yourself and you believe in American Freedom then I have a whole series of Petitions for you to sign!

So if you have had enough of this Unconstitutional Imperialist insurgency in the United States sign my petition to get them out of here!


Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 02 21 2015
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