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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Asperger's 02 15 2015 (Was it the FBI that said Putin had it?)

Asperger's 02 15 2015

Two things stand out here.

1.  Lack of empathy.  (But what exactly that means in terms of children?  Is it a code word for bully?)

2.  The fact that they are clumsy to me would indicate nerve damage or that their gene structure is not that which is consistent lineage with those that walk on two legs?

3.  Social Isolation?  Doesn't that come from hidden abuse?

4.  Narrow areas of interest and walking in certain ways?  That is just what feels good to them isn't it!  I recognize it right away I had a boss like that.  It appears to be linked to a certain emotion that might be stated to be related to imprinting?  An emotional imprint came with the skill set! And they maintain the manner of walking or movement to be consistent with the imprint and not forget it.

Something about how something is handed to another person.  But this might indeed be due to alcohols effect on genetic expression.

5.  Speech and language issues?  Sometimes it is extremely difficult to explain something to someone not as smart as you!  When you are younger you assume everyone is on your same natural wavelength.  But it isn't true.  I really can't see why this would be a criteria.  A smart person can ask someone what they mean in ways that allow them to explain it.  Asking questions that only require small steps to answer.  That is how you question a highly focused person.  And good lord if a person develops intelligence before the verbal ability to manipulate people so be it, and perhaps that is the way it should be.  A person things in terms of concepts at a young age when vocabulary to describe it has not been formed!  And for that you are going to diagnose them as Aspergers?  Now if that person doesn't say anything and just sits there with a blank look that is something different.  And you see a child is playing and you have to bud right in there and ask them to explain?  That is odd to me!  "Oh you see this GI Joe here.  I am putting him this jeep and he is going for a drive.  Then I am going to have him punch his friend Jim just for the heck of it.  After that I am going to lift him high in the air and drop him and pretend no bones are broken."
And I do believe these children have the ability to sense who bad adults might be?  "That adults viewpoint on television doesn't seem consistent with maturity to me.  It is flawed because...."  Aha!  What did I just figure out?  Plenty on television are Aspergers!  They have no idea that the public knows that they don't know the depth of meaning of what they are pontificating on.  They don't seem to understand the public finds their lack of intellect being networked to success offends us.  And that is a diagnostic criteria for Asperger's isn't it!  Perhaps the Aspergers kid grows up to incite just that.  Why?  Because they weren't made to realize it as a child or rather were mentally defective and could not!  So it became normalized to them by being successful from it.  Not having true human empathy!  But what is this really?  It is the inability to put yourself in another persons shoes because you are in another persons shoes rather than your own and don't want to leave?  What happens when you make them go play outside by themselves?  What happens when you interrupt what they are doing because you feel it is escapism for them?  At what age can they be told to stop playing with younger children's type toys?

For some reason that is all that they can be.  In that special world that is comfortable with them, that they can't explain.  And that can be dangerous can't it.  Expressions of that as an adult can be very dangerous indeed can't they!  If not the definition of psychopath???  "I am making all this money as a CEO and I don't want to give any of it up in order to install the proper and required environmental controls?"  "I will talk to someone just like me and we will form a pass the buck method to deal with it."


A person walking funny, not concerned with the emotions of other people, boughts of isolation?  That sounds EXACTLY like an alcoholic doesn't it.  No known cause of Asperger's?  You have to be kidding me!

And has anyone ever figured out just what role yeast (leaven, fungus) plays in alcoholism addiction?  That is very important and something that is deserving of prominent scientific attention.  So we are indeed irresponsible as a Democracy/Republic aren't we!  We do care about the emotions of other people in a Democracy don't we?  We just don't say we are cutting taxes for the rich.  But we don't really care about the homeless like we should do we. We (meaning you?) don't lack human empathy as Asperger's do!  But that is all controlled by the people you voted for and why you voted for them.

I believe people with Asperger's might have imprints and imaginary friends that they don't want to part with.  Perhaps their mothers foster it and the victims are then labeled Schizophrenic?  I will assert that and I have the Constitutional right to do so! 

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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