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Thursday, February 19, 2015

People I Couldn't Stand as a Kid 02 19 2015 (ongoing list)

People I Couldn't Stand as a Kid 02 19 2015  (ongoing list)

How good was my intuition as a child?

Bill Cosby-  Accused of raping over 23 women at last count.
Bruce Jenner- Declares more or less that he always wanted to be a female and is starting to resemble one.
John Lennon- Beat his wives and children physically; threw punches!!!!
Richard Nixon- Watergate!
Mohamed Ali- All around punk boxer.  He paved the way for racial fear and the inroads to organized crime as I might say Arnold Schwarzenegger did too!  (more on that later)
      The guy who played My Favorite Martian, I didn't like him either.  He turned out to be a homo.
Archbishop Rembrandt Weakland- some sexual scandal there.
Henry Walter Maier- Didn't like this guy, he seemed like a Slavic queer to me.  (As I reading the list of mayors of Milwaukee I see that there was a Koch and also a Walker.,_Wisconsin
Jim Sennsennbrenner--?????  This is a guy who has hidden in the closet and been afraid to state his beliefs and make known policy concerning them.

I liked Carter until he didn't stick up for himself, after that I viewed him just like the others; to be complicit with corruption means you are just as corrupt!

Reagan looked to be mentally retarded to me while he was in office; we didn't have to wait for the late stage life euphemism for mental retardation of Alzheimer's to be determined!

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