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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Music, Trademark and Copyright Law 02 11 2015

Music, Trademark and Copyright Law  02 11 2015

You can never convince me that a future family generation of the artist or a nonrelated entity of the artist has the same belief system as the initial artist!  Therefore you can never prove whether it is consistent with that artist.  Also I do not believe it is fair that rights to the music can be traded!

That music was created in the United States from our freedom!

It should not be something lawyers search for money from!

What does this thwart?  The success of new artists because the rights holders have a vested money interest in only playing the music of the artists whose rights they purchased from them!  And that is bad and against freedom!

I can't stand spoiled second generation wealth that doesn't have the capacity to truly earn money based on their own skills and doesn't want to develop that capacity!  We don't need that here in the United States!  And we don't need their political opinions either!

If you father was a singer either you are a good singer too or you aren't; in which case you follow your passion!

I don't believe future generations should be homeless while someone bought the rights to their fathers music and continues to profit from it to their exclusion.  So the solution is that sound government meets the needs of all its normal people and that is where the money goes to!  And when an up and comer becomes a star based on natural talent and not networked crime, well that is the way it still should be today!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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