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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obama Ask's Congress to Declare War 02 12 2015

Obama Ask's Congress to Declare War 02 12 2015

Wait a minute; didn't we just hear him say in his last speech it would be the absolutely last thing he would do? I can't believe he turned on a dime like that!

So who is he going to send?

I say that the illegal immigrants should go first!

Then I would send all college athletes and Ivy schoolers!

But what of those born with birth defects? They will stay right here at home won't they! But aren't Wars caused by economic reasons? Is not the idea of protecting our “TRADING” partners really and economic reason? It is like we are the low life country in the world that looks up to all the other forms of government in envy? Well maybe the rich do!!! But the point I am making is can it then be said that the birth defective who cost more to treat really contribute to the start of war? Perhaps if there were stricter birth laws then we would have less War?

But you keep those illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States and send the white boys off to War? Do the Mexicans really have the Asian gene, and the Asians really have the black gene just like the Jews do? Do you see who is then being squeezed out of the United States further? It reads like more Genocide in the name of monotheism!

FDR headed right to Saudi Arabia after WWII! Is the Saudi and all those other middle east Governments really Jewish? Archeologists say that they can't tell the genetic difference between a Jew and a Palestinian! And I don't know that I believe in that conflict! But FDR's family money came from the opiate trade with China. He makes a trading pact with the Middle East and that is right near the poppy fields in Afghanistan? You can't tell me that FDR didn't own them! I wonder if Romney own's pot fields in Mexico too!

Some of those good American boys who will be killed will never know that some of their pier group was dependent minded to them and could hear every single thing that they thinked! So they will indeed be killed by one side or the other in order to maintain monotheism. Polytheism by contrast can be thought as many men independently thinking and living in freedom. When you look at a list of those who signed the Declaration of Independence that is a list of Polytheists Gods? Wait you are saying I am crazy for calling people Gods? What a kook I am?? Guess what the Founders of the United States the Puritans believed themselves to be GODLY!

So how would your son know if there were those who were dependent minded to him? There might have been cues all throughout his life; nuances of things said to him, another student having the same exact test results as him, some other kids wanting to get him or her hooked on drugs.

But maybe who will go off to war this time is the truly bad! Those who would steal ideas and intellectual property. Crooked lawyers and their sons. Family members of Corporations that sold products that killed people. It could happen very fast to them! They could all be told to stay in one trench while a bulldozer comes out of a nearby barn and just plows them under!

It could be stated that management of Corporations does not earn a salary in fairness? Someone who didn't create the original business ideas being promoted to earn a billion dollars a year? Somehow I believe they are part of the cause of economic wars too! The inequality that they create? Goodby Tea Party! Your getting sunk again!

Do you know how I know this is true? Because Schizophrenia is medical fraud and they don't want to admit it! The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud. Now this War could very well escalate into something extremely horrific! However if that Revelation were known all of that could be avoided.

To me to be sent to war would be like being sent into a death trap!

Also the Corporate limited liability structure is unconstitutional because it is in effect granting of a Title of Nobility.

But as far as I am concerned you can send all of those who believed that marijuana should be legalized! You can also send people who believed in Gay marriage! Why? Because those who believe in how baby's really come from will be needed at home! They had two things going for them, a normal belief system and the ability for species procreation.

You can also send all of those with the defective serotonin regulation gene!

Make sure to send all the Asians too! Why? Because they all know each other and have stole much from corporations and universities and sent it back to China for profits! You can also send all of the management staffing of religious churches. Why? Because they have not been true to the word of Jesus Christ and the Bible! b give them the due right to fight to maintain that belief system!

You also did not want to execute pimps, drug dealers and sexual victimizers of children. When I was a boy I always believed that bad people meaning prisoners should go off to war first! Again look at my Wars are caused by economic reasons argument above and ask yourself if we could avoid that prison cost we might not go to war! But if you wouldn't trust them to serve on your own side in war do you really expect that they can someday be reformed to live as your neighbor again.

Also all family members of Italian Organized crime should go! I read in an Italian newspaper that all American Italians are related. They established organized crime meaning prostitution and drug dealing! You better give them the right to fight for that!

Don't you dare send one of us who hears voices and has been labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud!

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading cause of the costly mental retardation. And those breweries, wineries and distilleries will never have to pay the true cost to society of their profits. So you can send all those owners too! They thought it was funny and there was nothing that could be done about it! That there wasn't any way to stop them?

So after you send them all off to meet their exact same kind, that might indeed cure a lot of the nations problems? It means we have less work to do on our problems because they are gone?

Not a one of you believed in me! This is what you believed in instead. So this is what you are going to get! You didn't believe in fairness so you are going to get unfairness yourself. You never thought that possible did you? The criminal mind never see's it coming!

And Boehner stated that he wondered if we should get rid of Homeland Security? Yes. But how much money was spent on it? Was money looted and given to citizens? Was it like how the wealthy Tea Party made out in the mortgage fraud? How much money was spent on Homeland Security? Where are all the assets with the money spent? I don't see any new Armories? Wouldn't Homeland Security mean new armories? Since it doesn't mean that it means selected citizens bank accounts were fattened? They always said a member of Homeland Security could be your neighbor. But maybe the want to dissolve Homeland Security to get rid of all the records. Again it seems pretty sly doesn't it! But what happens when members of Homeland Security who thought they were the cat's meow get drafted into a death trap of War?

Background to the paranoia. When I was in college I had a job as a gas station attendant ~1986-1990. A black man from army recruiting was always getting gas and trying to get me to enlist in the Army Reserves! Look at the time frame of that and the time frame of us going to War in Iraq about 1991! Do you know what the two memories in my mind are from the start of that War? Our Diplomat to IRAQ telling Saddam Hussein we would not interfere with his conquest of Kuwait! And then the next images were of an United States Apache helicopter gunship destroying a United States Tank and about 7 men that had stopped in the dessert! It is called friendly fire! I wanted to cry when I saw it happen!

So they had heroin for the soldiers in Vietnam to all try. Even though not one speck of it should have ever made its way to any base! And that should be a war right there! But what drugs will they have in Syria or wherever ISIS is?

Now I don't expect you to believe me. But maybe you are a good person and do and it saves your good loved ones life by knowing what could happen to them and what the real motivation is! You won't read anything like this anywhere else! It is a one in an 8 billion chance it was written. Most people who hear voices like I do are voodoo medicated and no longer have a stream of conscious!

I fight the good fight! And I am not drawn in to fighting staged good fights that aren't! That comment there just pissed someone off! :)

I don't know who ISIS is. But I know that the Muslim religion does not believe in Alcohol! Neither does the Bible! And neither do I! And indeed the 21st amendment to the Constitution is illegal, read my article from a few days back. There is an index of recent articles on the lower left hand side of this blog.

Boehner Homeland Security should be dissolved. But perhaps we need an accounting and return of the assets that were distributed (looted) and personally held? Anyone remember how the Stock Market was looted in 1929 and many insiders made a great deal of wealth?

Is there a police officer who has been accused of police brutality? …. Boy we could sure use his finest military and weaponry skills in our military in our fight against ISIS!

Very interesting time in history to see how this all plays out! “He look at that drone! It is coming right at us! Don't you remember how that mean Kent who was a software game programmer was hired by the military?” When you figure all that out it is too late!

Attempting to be a good shepherd is not a rewarding experience; but I do it anyway! I wasn't raised to be a bad person!

I also believe that young women are going to be subject to the draft this time! Look you wanted equal rights for everything didn't you! You got the right to vote. You displaced men who wanted to raise families in the workforce. Hence this is the dang mess you helped create too, now are you going to through your weight around and insist that you have a right to be drafted to protect your country too? Don't you as a Lesbian want to protect your Lesbian wife back home! You had to have Gay Marriage legal didn't you? Well that is something family men fight for! So you cannot be excluded from a draft. So which one of you is more manly? You never wanted to declare so you both go!

Do you notice that the Governor of Wisconsin just said he isn't going to push for job creation. Can you put two and two together? I think they know who has been good and who has been bad!

And we can't let people with physical disabilities be exempt from the draft either! We had to assert equality for them! So you wanted equality you got equality! You get to motor along in your wheel chair with a straw in your mouth controlling a machine gun on it!

Any actor who played an action figure or war hero no matter how old you are, we sure could use your skills in that war!  You wanted to portray the image of a hero and now you get the real life chance!  You can't be any happier than that!  And you were paid a lot of money for that so we know you will be great military asset in War!  A proven hero like you!

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Thomas Paul Murphy

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