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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why the “Schizophrenic” brain forms human species differentiation 02 18 2015

Why the “Schizophrenic” brain forms human species differentiation 02 18 2015

May this be the final word on Anomalous “Schizophrenic?” Brain Ventricles

This article is to be read with the very expensive computer generated graphic below. 

Luke 16:26 The word of Abraham, “Moreover, between us and you a great chasm is established to prevent anyone from crossing who might wish to go from our side to yours and from your side to ours.”

X. That which talks to you doesn't realize that it is dooming itself to death from brain cancer or Alzheimers! Every time it interjects in your thoughts with the intent on disrupting your thought process it is indeed creating a peak to peak spark potential. Whereby anyone attempting to follow your train of thought directly from short cut to peak to peak will wind up in a confusion states of Alzheimers dementia followed by misery, likely becoming violent and then death! Sometimes it happens very early in life to them!

The fact that it takes more time for you to think from point “E” to point “A” , because your brain has to follow the grey matter route, means that which is attempting to follow you might indeed be faster, but that time delay will eventually cause confusion and death from element X above. For your brains thinking could go from peak “A” to peak “D” to peak “B” to peak “E” at which point that which is attempting to follow your thinking becomes subject again to element “X” to a higher degree.

As "follower" goes directly from peak "A" to "E" it does not experience the valid energy pattern.  What initially was a fun game of second guessing in anticipation becomes a living hell for that person.  As their path from "A" to "E" likely short circuits the brain, causing anomalous "sparking", dead zones not metabolically cleared and then cancer!  Their is no way around the lost chasm it creates for itself by attempting to span the peaks you do without doing so safely.

Therefore as it follows you it can never be one hundred percent sure or certain if the conclusions it reached on any matter are accurate, true and valid!  And at a certain point it can no longer make levity of the thoughts of men.

That confusion that which is following you experiences leads to anger manifesting within them. That is indeed the anger of mental retardation. That which is missing from its mind it something it never truly had in the first place! And that motivates it to violence against the one he believes took it. At some point it likely convinced itself in delusion that it was the source of everything! But when this happens it knows irrefutably that it was never anything. Abraham further explains it in Luke, “My
child (derogatory), remember that you received what was good during your lifetime while Lazarus likewise received what was bad; but now he is comforted here whereas you are tormented.” Now that is tough love straight talk! In effect Abraham is issuing a warning to the formation of the Seven Headed Hydra isn't he (explained that before.)

Your mind has to follow the electric signal path from peak, down through chasm and up to the next peak of gray matter ventricle folds.

You will notice the archetype of that which talks to you often can not comprehend how you come to your conclusions. The natural brain process you are using is called synthesis and it is the apex of analysis. You had this long before any interjection pruning.

So indeed the voices differentiate you from them when they speak to you! Love live the difference we might declare!

That highly developed brain structure creates the barrier that Abraham is alluding to! The chasms are the valleys in the Ventricles.

This is also the reason they are motivated to put you on tranquilizer type (zombification) medicines. It is also a metaphor to the son who wasn't St. Francis collapsing and dying as he attempted to “ape” everything St. Francis did.

The integral thought process you experience solidifies the energy pattern to you!!  Hence makes you more you!  While differentiating the energy pattern of you from others!  Hence it is not so good for those who would seek to be "links" to it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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