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Friday, February 13, 2015

If Black People can't maintain their neighborhoods should they be allowed to integrate 02 13 2015 updated

If Black People can't maintain their neighborhoods should they be allowed to integrate 02 13 2015

Maintaining the safety of a neighborhood is really maintaining a micro-civilization.

And indeed whenever one of them is shot by police there is a big uproar!  They likely shoot each other more so than the police shoot them?

What I am getting at is my belief that all neighborhoods need to have capital punishment available for certain crimes such as, pimping, drug dealing and sexual victimization of children so that those micro civilizations may be maintained!  But that concept of family above community (~democracy)  prevents punishment that maintains micro civilizations from occurring?

And I believe that somehow a community should be self sufficient.  Now what happens when a community can not grow its own food?  Because it is in the city?  Well then that community should make things to trade with those who do grow the food?  But growing food has become very easy!  With mass production methods and equipment one farmer working over 2000 acres himself.  But doesn't that really mean that the farmer has monopolized the food supply via the use of technology?  And monopolies are illegal.

And money that is derived from alcohol sales is worse than funny money to me!  It is queer money!

Everyone hates me for this.  But if you took that drug out of the equation and waited would not a lot of these neighborhood/people safety problems go away?  I believe so!  That is my belief.  To me the child of an alcohol user is a completely different species!

And do you know what else I see in black communities?  The black women not wanting to respect the black man!  The black man not being granted authority.  Not having say!  Now sometimes a woman's (all colors) point of view can be a leveling mechanism that contributes to good outcomes; but that really isn't the case any more is it!  That aggressive woman wants to displace men from having jobs and raising families doesn't she!  So here we are not talking about black versus white women in comparison we are talking about good honest not mentally defective women versus that which like has a serotonin receptor gene mutation related to alcohol?

That is my belief!  I am not trying to write things that I do not believe in!  I am not trying to sell you a choo choo train.

And you can't tell me that Italians do not have the black gene from the black Moors conquering them!

I absolutely loathe the connection in organized crime made by the blacks and Italians in Milwaukee!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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A few more issue here!  If a white person is selling drugs into black neighborhoods I never want to see him weasel out of what I believe should be justice in the future.

Also you can get a good idea of a bad neighborhood if only what looks to be the thugs are out and about in it sizing people up, and the peace loving people are afraid to go out of their homes!  That bad person who knows where to be to size people up needs to be dealt with.  You see them riding in chaotic patterns on bicycles their knees pointed out to the sides; looking for where they can sell drugs or who they can accost?  Do you know what would be a good neighborhood test?  You take hidden cameras and see how far a kindergarten student gets before someone older stops them; for a bad reason!  It should never be the domain of the mentally defective!


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