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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

They are lying about Calories in Alcohol 02 17 2015 updated

They are lying about Calories in Alcohol  02 17 2015

Subtitled:  Supercharging the Zombies

I don't really believe they are lying instead it is really me not understanding the issue and not taking time to research it.  But read this anyhow and pretend the title is true.
This article here touches on the issue.

1.  But remember how they taught you that calories are defined by how much energy something gives off as it is burned?  I just read that a one once shot of the most popular whiskey has 65 calories in it.  That doesn't seem like it is enough to what it should be.  But if you multiplied that by the size of a 12 once beer can it starts to make more sense.  Then it would be 12X65= 780.  So that one once has a lot of calories.  But what if you put that alcohol in a bunson burner and burnt it?  It would seem to me that it gives off a tremendous more amount of energy?  The flame is hotter isn't it.  It is burning faster?   Are we getting an accurate reading?  Ever here an alcoholic say that they drank that much a pint or liter?  I don't know how much they drink.

But that article above tells that your body uses alcohol as a fuel in a different way!  That alcohol releases tremendous amounts of energy into your body, but in effect ruins it in the process?

2.  But look at this another way in terms of how your body uses the alcohol as fuel.  And I know a scientists pooh poohs this as very unprofessional.  (But he might have been heathenized by the Romans; strong evidence of that.)  But how much grain is used to convert to a bottle of Whiskey?

That article states you get 2 gallons of 190 proof ethanol per 1 bushel of grain.  2 gallons equals 256 ounces.  But how much energy is in a bushel of grain?  How many calories are in a bushel of grain and while you are thinking about that remember that the above article tells you that alcohol is a concentrated fuel source that your body uses differently as energy????

There are 214 calories in a cup of wheat.

Which would mean there are 26. calories in an ounce of wheat.  Now if there are 26 calories in an ounce of wheat that should equate to how many ounces of wheat in a bushel......128 cups in a bushel*8ounces per cup= 1024 ounces in a Bushel?  Lets cross check that to the chart.  1191 it says in the chart.

But wait it gives me cooking cups in a bushel in that chart, I hadn't seen that before. (Again that voices seems to spite knowledge.)

148.95 cooking cups in a bushel.  So that is more than the information here below the star line which was done before I came back to this spot.

So 148.95 cups in a bushel means 148.95*8 ounces per cup=1191.6

148.95 cups of wheat in a bushel times 214 calories in a cup=31875.3  The below error has to be due to calculator digit sabotage!  They wanted me to give up on this!!!  Yep I just doubled checked it the number in the below calculation should be 27392 instead of 3854!!!!
That little prayer to the goon below which preceded this helped!  So if there are 27392 calories in a bushel of wheat and that wheat makes two gallons or 256 ounces of whiskey.  Then we divide 27392/256=107 calories in an ounce of high proof whiskey.  So how many in 12 ounces of whiskey?  You know some drunk with a bottle taking swig after swig.    1284.

And I am making these calculations without actual concern for efficiency of the calories in wheat being transformed to calories in alcohol.  Theoretically what is left of the wheat dregs you could burn and therefore has more calories?

But have you ever seen anything burn like alcohol does?   Very efficiently!  So what does it do to the body?  When you eat regular food it lumps up and your body waits to be fed the alcohol while at the same time the alcohol kills your internal organs so you can't derive calories from the normal food.  And then there is the yeast again.  When I look at a fat persons belly I think yeast filled bloating and toxin sequestering.  Then you get again to the issue of the yeast making its own alcohol.  What does that mean?  The yeast made a distillery of your body didn't it.  You are your own walking talking sloth drunk head aren't you!

But how does fresh alcohol interact with the yeast?   Alcohol and yeast go hand in hand don't they.  They say that the yeast is  killed off as the alcohol is made?  But if you added more mash to the process it would ferment further.  In effect there seems to always be yeast everywhere to cause fermentation.  I always believed that in order to cause fermentation that you needed yeast.  But I don't check my memory on these things.  But if you pick up a banana in its peel after 2 weeks it has indeed fermented and there is alcohol in it.  Where did the yeast in the vegetable in its peel come from?  So I don't know many things I should and am not ashamed of it.  When people get old and senile is it due a fermentation process occurring in their body producing alcohol.  And what about someone with Alzheimer's?  (I won't go into detail about that here  as it is more likely caused from alcohol damage to the hippocampus.)

But is a whores son more likely to be mentally retarded because of the yeast strain on her tongue?  What birth defects can whore yeast cause?  They aren't selling it in a health food store are they?  Get your dried whore yeast here.  :)  Tremendous health benefits.

Now what kind of yeast does a whore have on her tongue when you kiss her?

Disregard the italics below.

But somehow that number seems low to me.  But the purpose of this article was to prove that people who go on a diet wanting to lose weight are never going to be able to do so if they drink alcohol.  And I still have not determined the exact mechanism of yeast and addiction.  But Jesus Christ warned us of it when he insulted, "Beware the leaven of the Pharisees."

If you get a chance you should look up the old Radio Broadcasts for the Roex Vitamin company.  There used to be an archive to his radio shows, didn't see it there now.

But if you look at all those calories being given to a person who has oxygen deprivation to their brain cells from the alcohol while at the same time testosterone spiking from the alcohol; you can readily see why we have so many problems in the world today; supercharging the zombies!

And what is the effect of a yeast infection?  Dull thinking.


How many cups in a bushel.
According to this about 128 cups in a bushel.
So 214 times 128 = 3854 calories in a bushel of wheat.
So that many calories in two gallons of whiskey?  Two gallons again equals 256 ounces.
So 3854/256=15  That gets me 15 calories per once of whiskey.  And that number is far too low and wrong.
So somewhere I am off.  It probably has to do with how may cups of Wheat there are in a bushel and not how many cups of generic volume there are in a bushel?
As I am doing these equations what I realized is that I do very well on the train of thought of them until the voice kicks in and interrupts me.  I did not do well in Chemistry in High School because of this exact same problem, losing my train of thought in this.  But I did not hear voices in high school.  Now I hear them and can hear when they are interjecting into my train of thought.  So I will say a little prayer to the goon,  "Goon please do not interject again until I have solved this problem."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 02 17 2015 at:
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This is my own little world inside my mind and I like it here!  I don't care what you think about that!  And it isn't my fault you don't have your own little world inside your mind as I do.

Update:  This implies that there is an addictive element to sugar too!  As endogenous alcohol is created from it via intestinal yeast.  The addiction of the alcohol makes the sugar diet addictive as a dependent addiction.

I believe that if one doesn't drink alcohol at all and cleans up there system the bodies natural reward system is far  more powerful and rewarding!


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