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Thursday, February 5, 2015

What is a War on Women 02 05 2015

What is a War on Women 02 05 2015

Unless specific issues are addressed that are not common to all women a War on Women is really a War on your mother and a condemnation of yourself!

The problem is that not all mothers are the same and you are projecting your negative experience onto the world!  Perhaps your mother should not even have been allowed to vote but that should have never been the case with someone else's mother! 

It is like blaming your personal problems on your mother and projecting that onto the entire world!  Now very well indeed your problems might be caused by your mother! A common bad mother is to believe meanness equates to strength?  Makes a miserable son when they are put in positions of authority!  Be mean to the general public for answers from the public?  Rather than answering to the publics needs like a man would?  See how the condemnation of self plays in their too?

And to be fair some times to explain something in a mans terms to a woman you have to be very graphic so that they can see how the issues progress rather quickly to being more of a problem than they anticipated!  But that is because women want to have a trusting nature!  That is indeed the reason so many marry men that are inept!  He promises her the world.  And in order to give her the world whenever there are problems that affect the people he has to state that they are not problems at all!  Well indeed they are!  But when he thinks like that what is he really thinking like himself?  A woman, not that he is trusting like her but because he is of the same mindset of her without that element!  He hasn't used his full brain capacity to think the issue through because he was conditioned not to?  She is trusting and he makes promises without thinking about what they mean. 

Now it might seem like I am getting a little off topic here, but England just approved a three parent model.  Whereby the woman's egg is part her nucleus and part the mitochondria of another woman's egg.  The mitochondria was said to be the energy workhorse of the cell; from my high school biology class.  They say that mitochondria has too much exogenous something or other in it.  Maybe someone pointed out Prince Charles ears.

Now who over there could afford such treatments if not the wealthy? What are they attempting to change on a dime
But let me put it this way.  If you put the energy instruction set of a person that eventually reverted to a pattern of bad behavior that led to exogenous factor in her DNA what will happen when you give it a new workhorse?  That instruction patterning will indeed take it to the same place to reintroduce the exogenous factor back into the DNA at her lineage or some future lineage.  Really it is cheating social status and humanity!

Do you know how strongly, I a person who hears odd women's baboon like voices feel about this?  If you are a woman that has a perfect energy workhorse in your mitochondria you should NEVER GIVE, SELL OR ALLOW IT TO BE TAKEN to be put in one of these other women!  NEVER!   It will be a threat to your forward family lineage if you do!  Not only that but per above to all of humanity!  Why, it is going to go to the same place!  We would be better off if they just bowed and stepped down!  It is horrific!  And one might even say that the women who donered her egg might have a shorter lifespan because of it!  I will assert that has to be true!  Based on being drained of energy from voices at times!  One woman gives up her egg and then very mysteriously she is drained of energy by voices and dies young (er?)  You better believe it!

Somebody scrubbed their eyes and realized they were a regressive race compared to those of natural learning, talent and loving parents didn't they!

And when they compare themselves to you and want your eggs mitochondria they are going to take it and develop fraudulent reasons why they have to aren't they!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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