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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mental Retard Takeover of the Entire World through Carbon 02 25 2015

Mental Retard Takeover of the Entire World through Carbon 02 25 2015

Do you ever read just one headline of the Newspaper, and based on the complete absurdity of it you ask yourself how did the mentally retarded come to take over the entire world.

The answer can be very simple, to create something that you eat or drink that makes you very afraid; paranoid. So how  was that done? If you could create a compound that would readily impair and obstruct the adrenal glands. For the laymen s out there the adrenal glands are responsible for secreting adrenalin and nor adrenaline. Adrenaline is secreted when we need to gear our bodies up to ready for flights or conflict. And lack of it makes us afraid to do so.

So you make this compound and then when people seek medical attention because their adrenal glands are impaired from the consumption of it you diagnose them as being paranoid. And play on that paranoia as a danger and make involuntarily medicating them part of a government institution; really it would amount to a satanic religion. What you would be left with in society are the mentally retarded who sold the compound and profited from it.

Now the easiest way to administer that compound would be to create a gas and dissolve that gas in a liquid. Once that compound is attempted to be filtered out by the kidneys it attracts minerals to it (like a magnet does iron) and forms a calcification! That calcification grows to become like a piece of shrapnel inside your kidney! And as it grows it abrades and bruises the inside of the kidney. What do I believe that compound to be? Dissolved carbon in Carbon dioxide gas readily found in soda and beer. CO2. The two oxygen molecules are belched up or lead to direct oxygenation of the outwardly compressed stomach and intestines from eating too much. So in effect it allows one to eat more than is good for them, the digestive organs rewarded through direct oxygenation from the oxygen in the gas which becomes undissolved in the bloodstream. While the Carbon molecule then attracts minerals to it to form a renal calcification.

This in turn impairs your ability to respond to imbeciles in our world. In fact it is a chemical that could make you fearful from the adrenal damage it caused you. An insufficiency of adrenaline! You go to the doctor agitated and complaining of not being able to sleep and become involuntarily medicated.

Not only that the kidney obstruction causes toxins to not be excreted and that leads to all manner of other illnesses from toxin overload to your basic organ metabolism!

And then the retards think you are one of them and start talking to you. When in fact you are part of the one percent of the population that is truly human with the human gene responsible for creative genius. But instead the retards labeled you something else didn't they.

And are not wiccans into crystals? And how do sharp crystals form within your body? Through attraction to carbon molecules. Carbon stated to be the building block of life. But you didn't need any changes made to you did you! You didn't need that ugliness growing inside of you.

The Doctor on the other hand is quite certain you agitation is caused by something else. He will call it a chemical imbalance in your brain, and that is indeed consistent with what I wrote here but does not address the cause. Don't you hate that when the cause they give you really isn't the cause.

And what about that dissolved carbon molecule causing calcification in other body tissues such as the torso, neck and breast? Can it cause breast cancer? I am going to assert that it does! Calcification’s causing a constant inflammation influence on cell division eventually mal influencing DNA recombination.

Without that breast to nourish future generations of the human race we become extinct. The breast also passes along the mothers antibodies to the baby. So therefore I am starting a petition that all carbonated beverages should be banned. If I was President I could also do it through executive order and station armed MP guards and the locked gates of empty plants.

I also believe that medical negligence can be of such a high level that it is deemed fraud and therefore deserving of capital punishment!

Someone once mentioned a cancer that was spreading through Europe that they were trying to stop?

A good way to track where evil resides among us is to analyze how the richest people made their money. It is very easy to do because they boast about it!

Not one of those dispensing machines should be on school grounds in the United States.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 02 25 2015 at:

If you have kidney stones I believe the following supplements (not used all together) will be of benefit to you.

Corn Silk

Stone Free- by planetary formulas

Vitamin D

Dried raw adrenal gland


Magnesium Citrate

Tyrosine in small amounts

Beet juice remedy

Adrenal support by Roex

Rowatinex Kapseln

Phosphoric enzyme

Background. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 1991 and passed the CPA exam immediately after graduation. I was hired as an Associate Analyst in Equity Research for First Analysis with a focus on Specialty Chemicals. They were then located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago Illinois. And that is where I started to hear voices that were not of my own consciousness. Again it has been scientifically proven that the gene responsible for creative genius is the exact same one that people who are diagnosed with something the Nazi Germans gave the term “Schizophrenia”.

So here is the link to this new petition:

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