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Saturday, February 28, 2015

You Never Hear 02 28 2015

You Never Hear 02 28 2015

You Never Hear;

A business owner say, “This employee keeps showing up to work with alcohol on their breath and is a danger to others and themselves because of it; I can't do anything about it because alcohol is legal; the best option would be if it were not legal; then they could not obtain it and be a danger.” That is Constitutional grammar by the way; the Supreme Grammar of the World!

You never hear a school or University professor say, “So many students who had so much potential end up dropping out because of alcohol.”

You never hear a Police Officer complain, “Alcohol is the primary source of danger to me and also responsible for the high recidivism rate.”

You never hear the mother of a child born with mental retardation from alcohol state, “If only I had known I would have done things differently. It ruined my new family from the very start.”

You never hear the mentally ill state, “I was fine until I started drinking alcohol.”

You never hear someone with diabetes say, “Maybe if I hadn't drank my pancreas and blood sugar would still be normal.”

You never hear, “If my father didn't have alcohol he would not have abused my mother and I. Why did God let that happen?”


“My mother would not have been so mean or cold hearted without alcohol. Who really did this too us?”


“Maybe that Hispanic detective who chained a black man to the wall and beat him really has a problem related to alcohol?”


A Politician say, “I would not have had any of those skeletons come out of the closet if alcohol were not a legal normalcy.”


A Supreme Court Judge say, “Perhaps I would have done a better job if I had not been influenced by alcohol.

Or a President say, “The reason I illegally tortured might be due to the influence of alcohol.”

Or the Population protest, “If that countries leadership wasn't a drinker we would not be at war and I would not have lost a son.”

You never hear a homosexual say, “Alcohol causes so many birth defects; in fact it is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere, perhaps it could be the cause of a defective serotonin regulating gene that caused my homosexuality.”

But it causes genetic changes in the womb. What does that also mean? It means that if used “per” any stage of human development it could also cause genetic damage by preventing normal human genes from expressing themselves. No lets transform the gestalt of that. Have you also noticed that the mentally defective hate self expression by the normal?

You never hear a wicked person state, “My problems were caused by alcohol; even if I always had them.”

The cowards hate the truth!

You never hear a President ask, “How much of my countries problems and national debt is really caused by alcohol?”

You never hear a Rabbi say, "Alcohol causes mental retardation and therefore can never be considered Kosher."

You never hear a mother who lost a child to a drunk driver state, “That poor soul that took them from me never should have had alcohol commonly and readily available to them.”

You never hear a bad citizen say, “We willfully participated in causing the mentally ill to hear voices because we were born mentally defective in comparison to them; due to alcohol.”

You never hear the store owner say, “I sold all those people alcohol; God please forgive me for the sins I caused.”

You never hear a Priest or Pope Francis comment, “I wish that alcohol was never a part of this mass!!!! Somehow I feel that one resonates with Pope Francis. “It should be banned from all church grounds.”

You never hear a mother say, “My daughter was using alcohol when she committed suicide in High School.”

It is a depressant and their should be strict manufacturing liability for those deaths.

You never hear any of that. So if people cannot label cause true to effect in those instances what else are they not labeling cause true to effect in?

We really don't know the complex mechanism of the addiction because we haven't been able to effectively treat it.

But here are what I believe to be very important elements.

  1. Demonic possessors need you to forget while you learn?
  2. A yeast, sugar and alcohol metabolism. Perhaps natural yeast remedies can kill the addiction. Remember how happy you were as a child being one with the warm summer air? Before you were exposed to yeast and junk and the mentally defective?
  3. Delayed development leading to learned helplessness with regard to learning?

  4. Being born with a mental defect and immunity to alcohol in one.

I believe that the cycle of addiction can be broken and metabolic based happiness achieved. And what if all automobile accidents involving alcohol were ruled attempted suicides by the drivers? That would be punishing the helpless user of an addictive substance without punishing the profiteer. - The profiteers are evading justice.

Social Security being used to pay for alcohol sink holes a Republic. {I also have a problem with Social Security fueling Indian Gambling profits.}

I also believe the money of a rich person who drinks alcohol should be devalued tot he income level of those stigmatized with the label of mental illness. And that High School drug using drop outs should not be given military training and money.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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