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Friday, February 27, 2015

Seed Companies and Policy and the Dust Bowl Who was the ASTA in 1924

ASTA American Seed Trade Association lobbied in 1924 to take the Government out of seed production.

Where seeds irradiated so that the seed companies could gain a monopoly on seed.  And if nothing grew of the seed in the Spring rain that is what caused the dust bowl?

700 members.  But who were the Family members involved back in the late 1800's up to WWII.

I for the life of me have never figured out why you can't put your own crops to seed?  From conversations I had you used to be able to.  This is something we need to look into.

Also Tesla had invented a particle weapon, was it used to irradiate seed?

But they were also developing high technology chemicals back then too.  Mustard gas.  Did the Mustard gas have anything to do with crops not being able to grow in WWI areas?  Very interesting it remains on the ground for days or weeks after used.  I came across an area that smelled like mustard awhile back while hunting.  It was close to the road.  I finally put two and two together, that is exactly what it smelled like Mustard!  Didn't mean to go here with this article but that is where it got.  Who would have access to mustard gas or the ability to make it in Wisconsin?

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