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Friday, February 13, 2015

I Believe that TWO of the most Important Functions in preserving our Democracy, the Elections Committee and the Federal Reserve 02 13 2015

I Believe that  TWO of the most Important Functions in preserving our Democracy, the Elections Committee and the Federal Reserve 02 13 2015

The legislature cannot audit because those Government functions are bound by secrecy rules!!

To me that sounds like something that has had the impetus to undermine our Democracy!

Can and should we take control of those functions in a for the people capacity? Yes!

We can say either they make all that current and prior information, to the detail, public knowledge or they lose those charters for those functions and be blacklisted from Government function connected jobs.

Is the economic policy that the Federal Reserve manages part of Government function even though they say it isn't?  Yes!  Why;  Because their actions, and that of their nominal predecessor control have in the past have cast this country into a Depression that is genocidal due to starvation!

Can't get any worse than that!

And should the FED been responsible and proactive in preventing the mortgage rate being based on the LIBOR from being fraudulently rigged in the mortgage crisis?  Absolutely!  But the Fed is composes of representatives from the largest United States banks the same ones that were found liable and fined by the Government.  So they were crooks hiding under a veil of secrecy that was established by them under the guise that the public didn't need to know.  I could articulate that a little more d@mning to make the point better but that is as good as it gets sometimes!  You see the point there!  Somehow they said that the secrecy was necessitated and the regulatory body that needed the secrecy was the same faction that orchestrated and participated in the fraud.  And nor are they independent from the Government even though they state they are!  All of the Governments issues seem to be money and money allocation related!  So they say they are independent and then we fall into a depression that they were delegated with the euphemism of monetary policy from preventing and they then step away with the loot don't they!  While pointing the finger at elected officials!  Again the elections committee also being protected by secrecy!  Try lodging a electoral candidacy challenge based on it really being a wager because of the magnitude of money involved and you will see election fraud is indeed complete to the lowest level employee of your village hall!  Read how I did that here in this blog and you try it too!

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