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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Ford Edge 05 26 2013

The Ford Edge 05 26 2013

Somehow this car leads CO2 into the driver and passenger compartment when it is running and in park.  Which means it does when it is in drive too.

I am sure of it or I wouldn't open my mouth.

It might be as simple as missing caulk between abutting metal and plastic uniframe undercarriage and wheel well parts.  The issue arising as plastic is substituted for metal to save weight and therefore get better gas mileage?

I also notice sulfuric acid vapor residue on my face and in my hair from driving long distances in it.

But it could also be due to there being a sulfuric acid being sent out smokestacks on the highway between Milwaukee and one 151 all the way down to Anamosa Iowa. 

But I believe that all cars need to be tested to see if sulfuric acid leaks into the passenger compartment during a 3 or 4 hour drive.  The vented vapor is created via the battery being cycled down and recharged in the automobile.  I don't know if there is or can truly be any lead acid battery that is sealed and not vented.

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