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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Billionaires Wives Do not Sleep in the Sand 05 07 2011

Billionaire’s Wives’ Do not Sleep in the Sand 05 07 2011

The date was 09/11/2001 and the World Trade Center had just been Kamikaze bombed.  They showed a picture of Osama Bin Laden claiming responsibility and told how he had many wives.  And I knew ten years ago that billionaire’s wives do not sleep in the sand.  Was there propaganda in this country to make Americans believe that Osama Bin Laden would be found in the desert?  If so why I ask?
We pay our CIA and fund our Defense Department to the tune of our National Debt and not one of those paid think tankers could figure this one out?
What has Obama really done for us so far?  Health care? Who are you kidding Social Security checks were cut.  You say he got Osama Bin Laden-we should have got him 9 years ago.

Defense Department:
To serve in war makes one jaded as a result of the horrors of war.  John McCain was likely beaten stupid by the Viet Kong.  (sp close enough)  What happens when one is tortured?  They are indeed brain washed as it is part of the process; one cannot happen without the other.  Are many of John McCain’s stances on issues dependent on construct’s that he is not even aware he has?  My point is this, once a person is brain washed their thinking can betray their true intentions as there are many avenues of thought one can take with regard to a base construct.  This is where the pain of learned torture makes one easily influenced.  Therefore often what we think is taking a strong action against something actually turns out to be not in our best interest.

When your actions and techniques mimic your enemy you have become them.  We do not outsmart evil and destroy it by becoming evil ourselves.  It is plain for me to see that our government is to blame for the terrorist activities against the United States.  Did factions of the U.S. Government create the terrorists?  We all agree that the terrorists are evil because they savagely killed American Citizens.  But how can we say we are any better when we ourselves torture.  And because we so easily tortured how can we say we were not as bad from the start!  Are we “Reaping what we sew?”  or is this concept invalid with regard to God and Country.
When you can no longer claim righteousness in defense you have started the path of Destruction for something that was once great.
This Stuff Exists:
Has Barrack Obama used subliminal nonlethal weapons technology to make black masters of some white people.  White people whose voices have been discredited?  Things have not gotten better for me under Obama they have gotten worse.  He let handheld subliminal nonlethal weaponry fall into the hands of Americans.  You cannot silence the great thinkers through psychiatry- only death silences the great thinkers and to the detriment of everyone.  This is the way of the coward – to promote and let your children or those you idolize get away with murder or worse “torture.”  I honestly believed Barrack Obama had more character and integrity.  If I compare Osama Bin Laden to Barrack Obama or other past presidents who sat in office, I personally cannot really say that Barrack didn’t torture and Osama did.  Would Osama Bin Laden allow his own people to be tortured, if so I see no difference between them and us?  To condone horrible things in America and pretend to be a great man is the definition of delusion. 

Function of Government:
If the function of Government is to protect us from foreign enemies, should not its first function be to ensure that the function of government is not allowed to create enemies?   Does this then mean that we should not use other countries energy before our own?  If we fight for economic interests how come little progressive thought is done so that we strive to conserve economic interests.  Was not Jimmy Carter then the true Conservative?  He was the only President that can really live up to the Republican Parties definition of Conservatism.
Panetta, Rumsfeld, Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Obama all should be Court Marshaled for treason.  Why Obama you ask?  Because he was complacent with it and not strong enough to stop it.  If I was President I would make sure he was free though.  You will have your freedom as guaranteed by our Constitution.
If this is how we represent America, by torture, I am ashamed to be an American.  And if you don’t like it pay for my transportation costs and I will leave. 

Billionaires Wives don’t sleep in the sand but many American Veterans sleep on the cold streets:
A billionaire’s wives’ do not sleep in the sand.  We had to torture in order to figure that one out. 
We had to torture to get that very important information?  Rumsfeld needs his brain examined to see if it is human!
Billionaires wives don’t sleep in the sand, but many American Veterans these “wars” are homeless.
I once heard the world’s thirty billionaires determine world policy at the beginning of each year.  Was Osama Bin Laden one of those who determined world policy?  If so what proof do we really have that he is dead?  How do we know we did not swab his cheek for DNA?  If he has been alive for ten years and is said to have many wives how many children does he really have?  How many sons does he have?  Be realistic there is no way we will ever know if the woman wearing the veil in American has a son of Osama Bin Laden.  If we are said to not know of his house we also can be said not to know of his children.  He could have inseminated one woman or more every day for all we know.  Why do I mention this?  Because what it speaks to is that we need to change our ways in order to improve our image with the Arab world.  No if’s ands or buts.

Osama Bin Laden’s many unknown Son’s:
Who will his son’s grow up to be?  I’ll give you a clue, they will not respect America.  We gained our initial respect by leading through positive example.  We also slot our respect as a country by not leading through example.  And that is where terrorism arose from.

Beautiful Arab Women:
The other day I walked up the steep forested and mud bluff on Lake Michigan after a day of fishing and adventure when wearing chest wader’s for the first time in my life.  And parked behind my car was a Volkswagen full of four giddy Middle Eastern women.  I was exhausted so couldn’t get any constructive pick up type lines going.  But they did manage to tell me they were celebrating their ethnicity.  One was Pakistan another Iranian, etc.  One wore a veil.  I think to myself now, for all I know that could be one of Osama Bin Laden’s wives.
My point again-When you cannot define your enemy you have to better define your actions to integrity.

They are not sharing this video because they know I would see something in it that isn’t real I think and prod?

Arab Americans:
I am I afraid of Arab Americans.  Hell no.  Last summer I frequently sat next to them at an Arab coffee bar and felt just as comfortable there as any other restaurant.  (I have no real friends.)  What can I say, my Great Grandfather used to wrestle with the Indians.  Arabs are kind of tall and skinny like I used to be so I identify with them in that way and I look at women the same way they do.

End the War on Terror:
The only way to end the war on terror is if we address the true cause.  Considering the money that is in power terrorism against the United States and our weakened friends is here to stay for good and might destroy us.
What can we do?  Admit we were wrong.  Leave the Arab world.  Bring our all our defense department men back to the United States and convert them to Engineering Corps.  We will use them to build and manage clean alternative energy projects.
And if the Arab world settles down we might build a statue of a veiled woman on their shores to show respect for them as human beings.  The simple truth is we never needed to be there.

Billionaire’s Wives’ Don’t Sleep in the Sand

Thomas Paul Murphy
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