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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If you wanted to criminally fake an election result 01 31 2017

If you wanted to criminally fake an election result you would travel around the country before the election and use "Emolument Grease" on members of the Electoral College, their family members or business associates "To Be" thereof. It would indeed be treason and treason is punishable by death.
Did we just see that "Emolument Grease" come out of the pocket yesterday in the form of decreased regulations?
"Go ahead Donald Trump publicly make fun of me directly and see if the tide turns in even greater favor of you?"

Just watch how this administration is working in direct conjunction with the media.  They are always doing or saying two things that are the exact opposite at once!  1.  One is the real intent.  2. Two is the broom that sweeps away the emotional tracks of those who would catch on.   The second keeps you from getting pissed about the first.  But why do you do this?  Because if you had to make money in a fair system you would never be able to. 

Look at the amount of money spent by Political Action Committees (PAC) year round and tell me that that isn't "Emolument Grease" 

A good way to tell who doesn't belong in the Professional Position they are in in our society is just ask yourself, "Would this person even make a good restaurant waiter?"  It is really that simple!

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

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