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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Worth Remembering:

And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
Mark 10:18
King James Bible
So Jesus is equating the word Good with the word God and saying that only God is Good. It looks therefore there was an attempt to disambiguate the word into two different meanings? But more to the point. Jesus is considered the God of the Catholic Church. And also all Christianity based religions? But in the above quote he is saying that he is neither good nor God! But to be a God you had to have performed miracles? How did he heal the sick? Tell young members of his religion not to curse them in their heads anymore? The Dead Sea Scrolls does indeed tell us that the Essene Jews raised their children to be evil. ~They were raised by an Evil master that was juxtaposed to an exiled priest. Exiled priest seems to mean imprisoned to me. To put someone in jail for what the Constitution says that you cannot put them in jail for, is going on a lot today. There was a Jewish Rabbi called Mathias who was said to be able to cure the demonically possessed. How come we don't hear of that today? Did they lose that skill? But Jesus Christ could cure the demonically possessed to. And what does the Bible tell us about who was demonically possessing people? That Jesus knew them! He was indeed shunned by his family when he brought back a lot of money once. It looks to me as if a religion was built up falsely around someone? But perhaps the reason being because the message is there, it can be deciphered. No matter how much they attempt to make it mean something different. There is enough and will always be enough there to figure it out? Unless you get rid of it altogether! As in China not wanting Bibles around! And the English burning all the Irish literature. I had to continue on with the point someone else made here. And this is relevant because schizophrenia is indeed demonic possession.

But why was Jesus Christ taking note of them calling him good/God and objecting to it right away? Because he knew that if he went along with it that they would eventually blame things on him, blame everything on him, for being a God? And that is exactly what the Pagan Christian religion is! Blame an individual as a Good/God/Scapegoat/Savior! And once they declare that a Savior is responsible for their actions it means they don't have to be responsible for their own actions. And what does not being responsible for your own actions in life create: VICTIMS! Best piece of antipaganism that I have ever written. I am not antireligious, but rather antipaganism. The Pagan believes that the Good equate to the God which serves as your scapegoat which is then glorified with the term Savior.

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

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