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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Does the United States support the Dictatorship and Police State in North Korea? 12 03 2016

Does the United States support the Dictatorship and Police State in North Korea? 12 03 2016

We don't have a lot of trade with them however they exports raw materials into South Korea and China.  And we are a big buyer from South Korea and China.

It does matter where our stuff comes from and how people are treated there.

So the answer is yes.  The United States does indeed support the Dictatorship and Police State in North Korea.

US trade balance with North Korea:

Who North Korea Trades to:

US trade balance with China:

US trade balance with South Korea:

You will never read or hear any of this on homo media!

It does matter!

Did it ever occur to you that those in our country who make money and profits from this trade might not care about the people of the United States either?  "Oh it is all in his head,"  thee criminal race would say.


Did you ever meet anyone who was giddy mean?  Psychotically mean but in a happy way?  As if they believed that is the way to be?  How did they learn that?  Where they 'funned' by an evil parent or relative?  Where they queer warped to be that way?  That is what the personalities behind the voices that torment human beings are like.  So that can only occur with unaccountability between who is a parent and who is a child.  Ie. the Pro-Life, adoption, foster care network.  An orphanage of thieves in and among our population.

It is the personality of, "I don't care what I do to you and I don't care what happens to you because you are meaningless."  And that is exactly what the secretary of an Investment firm I worked for said about the President of the firm, "He views people as a piece of meat."  That does not belong in the United States.

Someone like that would be more happy in the bed of a mongoloid foreign dictator than they are in the land of the free!

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