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Monday, December 5, 2016

In a true team the team members decide who is and who isn't on the team 12 05 2016

In a true team the team members decide who is and who isn't on the team  12 05 2016

Hence there are really no team sports today.

I believe a true team would have a winning record.  But right there what did I hear the Devils Advocate of teams sports complain about?  You can't do it that way because certain people would be excluded from being on the team and that would be unfair.

So what the team player really fears is the team or team members saying they cannot be on the team because they are not a team player?


I wonder how many coaches who won a Superbowl invite all the team players who won it to an annual feast?  I doubt it!  Why not?  Because to do that you would have to have really been a team and you weren't.  You were a collection of "me" individuals with a defect to the gene that regulates personal happiness just as the homosexual is.

Vince Lombardi?  Would he throw an annual feast for players on his team?  Who would ever want to come when a diminutive monster like that is allowed to berate you for money?

So a Priest named Father Tim came to visit Vince Lombardi in his Lambeau field office and not too soon afterwards Vince comes out of the office wearing the priests clothes?  That is the way I read the Wikipedia article on Vince.

So why did Vince Lombardi ever marry a woman?  He verbally abused her!  She developed a drinking problem from it.  To marry a woman and then abuse her; to me that means that you are a homosexual.  Why?  Because you don't love the woman you married.  You married in heterosexual fashion only to be mean to the opposite sex rather than human heterosexual love.

So this is indeed what I find to be the mentally defective origin of Professional Football in Wisconsin.

Lombardi the kind hearted man we are told he was would fire anyone from the team who made fun of a homosexual on the team?   And yet by all accounts above the diminutive Italian Lombardi was one.

So Lionel Aldrich, a black man, goes to play for such a monster and ends up homeless with what we are told is schizophrenia?  Who stole his human soul?  It isn't all to hard to figure out who that was!  A street is named after him in Green Bay Wisconsin!

What I am getting into is people with disabilities who cause disability in other people.... in order for what?

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

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