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Friday, December 9, 2016

There were no men in The Garden of Eden 12 09 2016

There were no men in the Garden of Eden 12 09 2016

There is a story in the Bible about man who had a great many different skills.  He wanted to come to a village and be a part of it, a citizen of it.  I believe that village was the Garden of Eden.

However they did not want to let him in because he was good at everything.  By inferred comparison it means that everyone in that village was only good at one thing at best.

To be a man, to make the right of passage, I assert that you have to think like a man.  And that means that you seek to personally develop as many skills as possible.  You constantly desire to learn and grow.

However in that village there was not one person like that

Hence there were no men in The Garden of Eden.


Another way to look at this is not that Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden but rather Adam, and therefore MAN, (he was the first human) was FREED from the Garden of Eden!!!  A place of perdition because those who can only do one thing in life, if they can do that, by definition live in perdition; Ie. HELL!

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