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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Barack Obama's Treasoness Logic on Guns 01 05 2016

Barack Obama's Treason's Logic on Guns 01 05 2016

It isn't guns that took away the life of those first graders it was a criminally minded person!  Guns did not take away those children's inalienable rights; a criminal minded person did.  A criminal minded person knows how to construct explosives.

So it doesn't help taking away guns it just makes the end result much more deadly!

What really needs to happen is that the criminal minded and what causes them should be prevented from:

1.  Being born with a brain defect.
2. Ever committing a crime again; the death penalty.

That addresses the problem!  And that is exactly why we have our Second Amendment!  So that we don't get a tyrant leader in office that leaves us defenseless against him or people like him!


I was just reading an article tilted  "The Nazi and the Psychiatrist"  published in the January 2011 Issue of Scientific American.

What was determined to be the best method to tell if a person was psychotic or sane to stand trial?  The Rorschach inkblot test!  Essentially what a person describes a work of art to be!

To me if you commit suicide the time up to you committing suicide you are indeed pre suicidal!

The top United States Psychiatrist who interviewed Goering surname was Kelley ended up committing suicide in the exact same manner that Goering did; he bit down on a cyanide pill and killed himself!  In effect the top psychiatrist in the United States who evaluated Goering was Pre suicidal!

They were trying to determine what made an evil mind.  But the article glazes over it.  You have to hear voices for 25 years to understand the meaning of the following comment Goering made.

When asked why Goering killed a high ranking Nazi official who was his best friend for quite some time, he replied, "He, was in my way!"

Did Goering indeed have the same mind as his friend?  And he felt that mind was in his way to individuality?  I will assert that is exactly what the evil mind is!

One more point about drugs.  Goering was hooked on a form of opiate!  FDR's family money came from the opiate trade with China.  Look at how much mass violence that psychoactive drug caused!!!!

Does one pick up an AR-15 and they are changed because the AR-15 has psychoactive drug effects on them?  No!  Only a fool would argue that!

The evil mind is one on drugs including alcohol.  Or one that was born with a brain defect to them that no one ever wants to admit.  And that is the problem right there!  And that is why we have our second amendment right to have firearms!  So no one like that ever assumes power over us with bad things in mind for us that we are powerless to do anything about!  Like force medicate us with what amounts to be a narcotic!  A narcotic, as is an opiate, was originally defined as anything that makes you sleepy.

What else did that opiate do to those Nazis?  Not only do they ease the pain one feels.  But they make it very hard for that person to realize when they are causing pain to someone else!

So there you have it!  You can't stand it because it is true!  You can't stand it because you didn't think of it!  You can't stand it because it is authoritative writing that you didn't write!  You can't stand it because of the statement it makes about you personally!  You can't stand it because you are not the person who wrote it!

"I am in your way aren't I!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 01 05 2016 at:

It is a Jewish thing isn't it?  Yahweh is the person who came before you in life?  They don't tell the general population what it really means do they?  They don't even tell the people that they teach it to what it means do they?  Yahweh didn't come before you for the sake of you!  That is spoiled will thinking!  Yahweh is just a normal human being that doesn't have a fold in the exterior front of their brains!  They were Prophets!  There were over a million of them in ancient history and they were Jewish.  Someone labeled schizophrenic today does not have that exterior fold in the front of their brain.  No fold means that your thinking is congruent!  Lets say that someone is imprinted with the Holy Spirit of such a person?  Such a person with congruent thinking?  To them it would be something,,,a image of a persons life that they would hold onto for dear life because their own brains are not formed that way.  They would be the Yahweh that came before you.  Not a God!  Just a normal human being in comparison to someone with a fold in the exterior front of their brains.  Just as Goering killed his own best friend, had he lived many years ago in history he would have killed the Prophets too!  The motivation?  "They were in my way." 

I don't have much readership for this blog.  But I write it any way.  The people who are causing their voices in my head know it is as true as daylight!

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