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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Disadvantage of an AR-15 in Warfare 01 31 2016

Disadvantage of an AR-15 in Warfare  01 31 2016

I have written about the AR-15 before.  But here is another point to consider about it.  Excluding the sound of the powder explosion the AR-15 isn't quite mechanically like a smooth manually operated bolt action rifle is.

What is the point about this?  It immediately gives the person who shot it's location away.  Even if it had a silencer on the end of it!!!!

Why?  There is a jarring of the bolt back into the buffer ahead of the spring and a jarring noise from the bolt fixing the cartridge to the breach.

So in effect there are 3 sounds to give the position away.

It sounds like a squirrel chirping.

What did the Communist/ Soviets and Germans have?  Bolt action Mauser's and bolt action Mosin Nagants.  (Although the U.S. used something different in WW2 the point would then be what did the Chinese Viet Kong use as a rifle???

Someone who lives in the jungle and hunts squirrels all his life can pick up on that sound fairly quickly???


Looks like the Soviet Union gave them weapons.


But Obama wants gun control in the U.S. where we should have no gun control per supreme law.  How come our Government doesn't say that foreign nations who do not have our Constitution cannot have guns instead of trying to say the American people should not have them?  Doesn't that make sense?

We supplied all these weapons to foreign countries.

This should be our foreign policy!!!

1.  We won't trade with you in any way, nor will our currency be translated into yours if you do not have our Constitution and guns are legal in your country.


2.  We will not trade with your nation in any way, nor will our currency be translated into yours unless you have our Constitution and guns are legal  for everyone in your nation.

No one ever wants to assert how Our Constitution prevents tyranny!

What United States Citizen isn't hopeful that slave labor equivalent Countries Governments are overthrown?  You cannot be more American than to be of that belief system!

For a queen to declare the opposite of that is indeed supporting worldwide terror.  There is something wrong with your noggin isn't there!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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