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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Satanic Justice System Decoded 01 27 2016

Satanic Justice System Decoded  01 27 2016

Let's say a star of a science fiction series kills his wife,  he breaks her neck, bruises her body and drowns her in the pool then cremates the body.

How does the satan industry start reeling?  They have to find him not guilty otherwise the whole industry is mortally damaged!  Brand names are tainted! Money is lost!  Mortgages are not paid.

So what happens?  Somehow they need to wash that out.  Somehow in order to do that an innocent person has to go to prison for something that isn't their fault or that shouldn't be illegal.  I want to say a violation to the Second Amendment is what they are put away for.

Also in the Satanic system the criminal cannot blame himself for the crime so he has to blame someone else.  Also if he can he needs to make that person guilty of something.  Because that makes him feel better about himself.  It is kind of the way his mind ticks.

So the judge doesn't convict.  But that criminal is off the hook for the crime but he is on the hook to the satanic industry.  So how does he fulfill that debt to them?  He has to use a voice to skull system to harass an innocent person per the above way of transferring his guilt.  Somehow satan likes to keep a score sheet to show everyone?  This person is not guilty but look at these 2 what they did today?  The more low level crimes they add the less the big crime looks as bad as it was; murder?

The way this is all motivated is because satan can't blame himself for anything because he doesn't have his own soul.  That is why many are actors.  And it isn't the cream that rises to the top is it?  It is the filth!  Why?  Once at the top the filth can be manipulated more easily!!!!!  You put a good man at the top and he doesn't budge!  Why John F. Kennedy was killed!  A bad man at the top, loves it!  He loves the squirming this way and that way.  Worm holing the wood in the beams the White House.

And I know it doesn't sound believable.  But again look at how the industry is built completely on perception being reality.  Credibility is perception.

Just start to add it up.

Cosby date drug raping many.
Tyson biting the ear off Holyfield.
Obama using drugs in high school.
OJ killing his wife.
Michael Jackson sleeping with children offered to him?
And what about Robert Wagner?

So add all that up and what do you have to ask yourself.  Honestly ask yourself?  What crime did all the other famous people commit in their life to get to where they are?  Who did they hurt?  Satan likes that doesn't he/she?

And here is another aspect of this.  Women forced into unnoticeable acts of prostitution!  You don't see the life they lived but they did!  Forced to have sex at an early age.  Screwed up with guilt.  Getting jollies from being mean because of that.  Not believing in the good man and honesty.  In fact resenting the good man and a loving family.  So when we say we hear voices; look at all the bad people that there are!

But look at how much money we dump into the Department of Defense?  Where does it really go?  Satan retires from the military from a walk in the mountains at age 30?

Perhaps it is all about Moses being the son of an Egyptian white woman and a black slave but Moses turning out white?  But his brain was miscegenated and the genes didn't code to normal peaceful human properly? 

I really don't care if you don't believe it.  But just look at all the holes there are!!!  There are too many holes aren't there?  How can you have faith or believe credible something with that many holes (wrongdoings) in it?

Do you know what the G@d Damned truth is?  There should not be any drugs in any schools or anywhere in the United States.  I could never accept it!  To me it is still shocking that it exists and proliferates!  It only happens from the leadership of bad men everywhere.

I want to legally wipe that evil off the face of the earth forever and erect monoliths with instructions so that it never is born again!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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