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Friday, January 15, 2016

So the U.S. switches to the metric system as the same time that Japan converts to just in time inventory method 01 15 2016

So the U.S. switches to the metric system as the same time that Japan converts to just in time inventory method  01 15 2016

What is the point?  How an American Company was supposed to keep up with just in time inventory while at the same time converting to a foreign based unit system.

I see the problem every single time that I turn on my computer and attempt to discern between any two pieces of anything to purchase; that satanic minded person distracts my thinking.

How did that very principle screw up American Engineering and Productivity?

Ever see a goon working as an engineer who couldn't think because the person he was dependent minded to wouldn't whack off?  That is what WW2 got us!  Hire the person with the defective brain and pretend that they are the greatest gift to your company in world history.  It didn't work!  We lost key companies in key industries because of what could be termed Satanic nepotism.

One more point FDR's wife was a lesbian.  They are known to want to be more man like and aggressive?  And we had the concept of limited liability corporations propagate like weeds in this country after FDR.  How many United States young men lost a job to that willful woman who likely lived on the stolen soul of a man in the first place?  How many young American men got sent off to war and a leg missing because a woman took their place in corporate American work world?

And more to the point, if you want to let that happen then you have to include women in the draft in case of a war.  But you can't include my mother because she wasn't that way and good women are not that way.  So how do you determine which women to include in a draft?  It should be the people who have a defective gene that regulates serotonin.  But you never want to have a standing military full of these people because they can only end up abusing the country.  And they have!

The abnormally aggressive satanic minded woman  got her dream come true to work and believe she was the equivalent of man whereas the real men were sent off to war to lose limbs to what amounts to the character of  "I am the invincible queer."  Who is that?  The neglected genetically defective son of a go go woman?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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