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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Biologically Engineered Human Parasite 01 24 2016

The Biologically Engineered Human Parasite 01 24 2016

So we don't really know why that India Indian woman out east had forged 10,000 autopsies as coroner. So I will indeed speculate. Was it to extract parasites from their dead bodies and cultivate or re-engineer them to make them stronger and more debilitating? There are a lot of Indian Indians in the medical community in the United States. They are also in the University System in Wisconsin. They are hired by Jewish professors. They can't speak English correctly to save their lives but the Jewish Professors hire them anyway? I didn't get that same sweet tenure working for a Jewish man.

Are India Indian's involved in Vaccine formulation?  Per my memory that is who was the head of that function in the U.S.

So it sounds like pure paranoia for me to assert that India Indians would be engineering parasites to infect human beings with?

Back in 1991 I stood less than four feet away from an incubator of parasites at Archer Daniels Midland! The investment firm I was hired at was bringing a company called Biosys public. They cultured and grew a parasite called a NEMATODE in these temperature controlled vats that were 10 feet high! That parasite can last for 10 years in the soil? It was marketed to wine growers in California? I read the league of Satanic tavern league children into that. That bug killed some kind of worm borer. We were told that it wasn't dangerous to humans because it couldn't survive at mammalian temperatures. The president of that company was India Indian and the vice president Jewish. I don't know how far back SEC records go on Edgar but I will run a quick check and post a link if I can find one.

But what is the belief system of the Sikh India Indian religion? To join with a higher consciousness. How do you do that? You make that person live in radiating tortured pain! What else can I say about them? That they marry for money in prearranged marriages and therefore are likely to loathe the sons of men. That they worship the rat and allow it to run freely in swarms in public temples in India.

I have been told that you have to watch an India Indian person like a Hawk in retail because they change price stickers on merchandise. And that is very consistent with Sasha Diva pilfering 30 million from Koss Corporation and buying gold that she gave to her tribal members? But the Jewish man Bernie Madoff did that exact same thing with sending gold in the mail to his friends after he looted $50 BILLION DOLLARS FROM investors! So there is indeed the equivocation again.

Do you want to know the truth? As a population they might be suffering from a genetic mutation from being rat bit! They might have a rat parasite that causes the front of their brains to have an exterior fold in it that those who hear voices are stated not to have. That which has a non congruent brain seeking to join the consciousness of that which does.

I was eating at a franchise chain sub shop on the South Side of Milwaukee. The woman owner of that shop was putting onions on it. But she gesticulated in such a manner with her fingers as she put them on it. Kind of like when someone is doing something bad to you and they want you to know and they want you to feel helpless about it in some way; like your assertion is invalid? Like you should be labeled paranoid for questioning them but... Anyhow I am 49 years old and have traveling pain in my joints. Left knee, left side of the back and now the left side of shoulder. Like something is feeding in one place for a while and then letting it heal while it feeds somewhere else in my body.

They would not engineer a parasite unless they knew how to kill it inside of them if per chance infected or during an epidemic plague of it. So indeed the way you figure out how to kill it is to review all the prescription records Doctors of that race have written and stockpiled for themselves and related entities.

Try Fenugreek. At the Indian Grocery store it is labeled something like Kali Meth?? Also one of the best ways to diminish debilitating and disabling joint pain over night is to put Vicks Vapor Rub on it before you go to bed at night. Fenugreek is very good for the lungs. A little bit on the top of a butter knife in your mouth before bed will help you sleep better by giving more oxygen to your metabolic restorative process.

Some retail convenience stores that make a lot of money off of selling cigarettes to black people are indeed...or at least there are bills to stick them with nuisance fees.

I will assert again, schizophrenia is indeed medical fraud, the voices are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud.

I will also assert that anyone who suffers from being overweight, rheumatoid arthritis has a bacterial infection; likely engineered and the reason it isn't treated and cured amounts to satanic medical fraud.  Read the Utne Reader Winter 2015 Edition and Arthritis Today Nov 2014 edition.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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