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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What is the British Flag Really Symbolic of A Miscegenated Red Headed Englishmans Hair 01 13 2016

What is the British Flag Really Symbolic of  A Miscegenated Red Headed Englishman's Hair  01 13 2016

It is the subject of the theme of the song about Carlow where my family comes from.  "Black Fitzsimons head!"

The Red Headed Englishman who I went to High School with that was also Jewish had 18 hard drives full of the most horrific child sexual victimization videos ever filmed.

The English killed white Irishmen and bread their wives and mothers with black men.  The English were the most horrific eugenicists in world history.

It is no mystery where that Rh- bloodtype comes from!  We know that it is highly correlated with red hair.  And we also know that that is the hair color you get when you breed a black person with a white person.

Now the Englishman I went to school with had a littler darker tone of red hair.

What is worse than that creation is the genealogy of that which would create it.

That is the same genealogy that enslaved both blacks and white Irish.

You also can't tell me that their fascination with the monkey which is worshipped by the English Druid religion didn't facilitate the conquering of Europe by the black Moore's, which lasted for 700 years.

That British flag was and is the greatest enemy the United States and human freedom has ever faced!  To me those red streaks represent the wrath of a kinky haired red headed Englishman! 

They never really stopped did they!  They bred Prince Charles with an Irish woman to create those two sons one red headed and then (they killed her?)

Many of the red headed Irish today look like they have Down's Syndrome. 

I believe in the Irish, what Ireland was meant to be and also white superior.  My theory is that native ethnics ultimately degrade to what they were before they came to the United States and that they take us down with them.  We see it with Italian organized crime.  We see it with legalization of pot.  We see it with high crime in black neighborhoods.

It really isn't fair to white people blame economic oppression for the high crime in black neighborhoods!  Oh if  we just allow them to live in white neighborhoods it will fix that problem?  It doesn't work that way!  That is an infantile and delusional belief system.  You don't have to look very far anywhere to understand that the crime just spreads to those neighborhoods and ruins them time and again all over the United States.  Anything else is a propagandized lie!  And really amounts to more of the same breeding white women with black men to the detriment of the white race.

Any honest black mother will tell you her sons are no good and don't want to work, that they just want to sit home and smoke weed all day.

You think that this is racism?  You have to be kidding me!  Those minorities are more racist to whites than anyone in world history!  It is off the scale of racism!

They can't even fake that they disrespect white people when they work in retail and they never learned to put on a good side, face or manners towards fellow humanity.  I want to tell you that they get that directly from the Englishman!  It is infantile immaturity!

Nor can you teach them anything because they resent having to listen to ANY semblance of authority!  They get that from the Englishman  too!  It is arrogance and ignorance combined in one word.  What does the suffice -ogance come from?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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