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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

When Embracing Diversity really means you are reticent to embrace your own stupidity 01 19 2016

When Embracing Diversity really means you are reticent to embrace your own stupidity 01 19 2016

They don't really want to "Embrace Diversity" but rather they desire to "Smother your human intelligence from existence, prosperity and liberty."

The Embrace Diversity is them propagandizing that everyone should like them because it represents fairness when the truth is that it is a façade that allows them to victimize human beings unmitigated.

They don't want to embrace any diversity that is better than them; instead they want to criminalize and impoverish those white families.  Another terminology for heathenization?

Everything that they do in life is motivated out of shame to hide the real reason for their diversity.  That is not embracing diversity it is hiding it in shame!  The fact that they hide it in shame becomes an even greater source of anxiety and resultant violence by them!

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