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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Military is not supposed to be the proving ground whereby you determine

The Military is not supposed to be the proving ground whereby you determine if that person is not supposed to have a gun.

And this is exactly why per our Constitution we are not to have a military.  It forces that issue.

What am I getting at?  I shouldn't be after military service that a liberal determines that veteran should not have a gun.  In fact I actually believe if a person can't have a gun that they should be euthanized or should have been at birth.

A President takes an oath to protect the Constitution and that is part of it!  It works in a hierarchal order due to the importance of national safety.  Later amendments cannot violate earlier amendments!  Do you get it?  Some of those later Constitutional amendments NEVER took into account that they were violating your Second Amendment!

The 21st Amendment is illegal because it has been found to violate your second amendment rights.  This is how a man thinks.  The 21st Amendment relegalized alcohol, alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere; common sense tells you a retard can't own a gun, hence the 21 violates the 2nd!

Equal rights without discerning who is mentally retarded violates your Second Amendment Rights to own a gun in the Constitution. 

Can that person do the comprehensive work a normal man can do?  If one cannot they are not equal.  We are to say they are equal anyway because if we didn't their mothers wouldn't vote for you?  Which brings up the women's right to vote.  When it has been found that women's right to vote violates other amendments previous to it then it could not have been a valid amendment at the start, what can be deemed to be true is that knowledge was negligently hidden that would not have supported that later amendment.  Now that is the will of a spoiled brat in government.  It is like the stooges attempting to fit a square peg in a round hole because they don't even have the cognitive ability of foresight.

The 21st isn't valid! 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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