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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Homosexuality isn't Normal; just listen to the voice it is Androgynous updated 01 28 2016

Homosexuality isn't Normal; just listen to the voice it is Androgynous 01 28 2016

They are not talking like that on purpose!  Many of us who thought that were greatly fooled and mistaken!  That is an Androgynous voice!  That is their voice!  I would say that the great majority of them have that voice.  Which means what?  It comes about from their genes!  I would assert that the population of the world that doesn't have that voice/gene is far less likely to be homosexual.  At least not in that same characteristic way.  Because it is gene based means it isn't normal!

It isn't just a sexual preference it is a different gene structure.

If science had wanted to be valid they would have sampled their voices and done the statistics, but they didn't!  For a scientist to miss that means that isn't a valid scientist.

Again they are not purposefully talking with that androgynous voice; it is their voice based on genes!

Do you get it?


Normal means what the average person is born like.  The average person is still born consistent with the human race heterosexual reproduction!  If it were not that way we would no longer be the human race!

Elephantitis has occurred in humans more than once, what is said naturally, but we don't call it normal.

So why is this relevant to schizophrenia?  We have world scientists and politicians declaring homosexuality as being normal when it isn't.  What are the they are wrong about schizophrenia in so many ways?  100%

To call homosexuality normal isn't science at all, it is spoiled wishful thinking believing it can get away with being an authority if it just asserts itself to be that!


Now that same type of androgynous voice might not be gay; but I can guarantee you if it isn't it has a fixation on men!

But where is this relevant?  In the armed forces!  I talked to a man who founded groups to help survivors of male sexual molestation of males in the armed forces and also heroin addiction attained in the armed forces.  He said male sexual molestation of males was high!

How can you not say that which would do that to another male isn't a homosexual?  The only way you wouldn't believe that and want to say it would be if you had a very evil mother?

But lets get into the analysis of this a little more.  I have declared and proved to my satisfaction ad infimum that it isn't normal.  What does it mean?  It means those who are sexually molesting men in our armed forces are not NORMAL!


Now again back to schizophrenia and why this is relevant to the fraud concerning it.  We got a lot of this doctrine that was put in college courses from supposed scientists whose names were Masters and Johnson.  Now those are English surnames.  What does that amount to?  For our country to accept untrue scientific findings from those of a foreign country that tried to conquer the United States at least three times?  It is an internal attack on our military isn't it!

And again this was the caliber and quality of research that also states that schizophrenia is not demonic possession.  What that amounts to right there is an attack on the integrity of men that think like men and write and understand things like our Constitution.

The homosexuals voice is androgynous.  It sounds like a hormonal woman.  And sometimes it sounds like a sweet talking queer.  Again they are not talking that way on purpose.  That is how their vocal chords formed.  So it is gene based.  So what are the odds if it talks like a woman not on purpose and that is gene based; that it having a sexual attraction to males when it is one is also genetically based?  100%


So how does that ruin our military?  We funnel trillions of dollars into the military.  Where does it go?  What happens when men leave the military because of being sexually molested in the military?  The people who remain in the military get more of that share of trillions don't they!  In fact that androgynous person is likely to work his way up the ladder of rank and also wealth scale!


Does this build integrity with foreign nations or does it build hatred of the United States?  We have got the Muslims who by religion don't drink alcohol (alcohol being the leading cause of the irreversible birth defect of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.) coming after us!  And who else has that androgynous voice?  Those with Down's Syndrome; with its mental retardation component.

Okay John Cary isn't going to like me for this one.  So lets generalize.  You have two armies fighting one another.  One believes in queers and tolerates sexual molestation of men by men in it as well as heroin pushing versus one that doesn't believe in drinking alcohol at all; the leading cause of mental retardation.

Who do you want to win that fight?  And don't try and false rationalize it.  I can feel a dyslexic idiot starting to turn the gears in its mind in order to evade the simple and undeniable point.

Another question.  Which of those armed forces is an army of men?  Do you even know how to be honest with yourself?  Your head is so screwed up from birth that you can't even be honest with yourself!

And if a person can't be honest with themselves can the be honest with the American Public?  So indeed this goes right to the highest levels of the United States Government!  So people who can't be honest with themselves are telling us that men who are tormented with voices really have a mental illness rather than someone out there cursing them?  Someone androgynous?  You ever bet on horses?

Again no legitimate collegiate scientist would allow those above definitions to be asserted normal.  But all of them have.

Do I have problems with homosexuals?  I am nice to most all people; it is part of respecting the rights of others and being a man.

But again what happens when we have people in this country who want to habitually disrespect the rights of human beings can we amend our Constitution to eliminate their rights?  That is what the Constitution was created for!!!!  And that is highly consistent with an amendment to the Constitution required to be consistent as to the intent and purpose of the Constitution!

Do you know that you hate this so bad that you completely want it to go away.  Again what can we say about people who can't even be honest to themselves with regard to the validity of their own thinking?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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