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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oblivion A Cappella CD Album Notes 07 21 2013

Oblivion The condition of being completely forgotten.  A capella- singing in the manner of the church, it has the feel of country and soul.  A Cappella music without the use of instruments- the power of pure voice.  Concept: music is pure voice.

Oblivion A Cappella CD Notes 07 10 2013
At one point in history there was a conflict between what was considered music; pure singing versus singing with background instruments.  Up to that point pure voice was considered the standard.  The spontaneity of these recordings is evidence of that conflict today.  That conflict can be thought of more as a competition.    One stands on it’s own for better or worse and therefore more legitimacy whereas the other proclaims a team is needed to make music, and the influence of the lack of vocal talent is masked.
All of my music has some element of religious exposition and the divided soul in it.  The mental illness that is really a form of demonization.  Shouldn’t have taken money for my Catholic School Education if you didn’t want me to relate the validity of my personal experience from it as learned from reading the Bible.  Songs come to me as an expression of my life and work experience.  Lyrics come to me like the cool breeze at the end of a hot day that reconciles what one has done as a form of reward?
Track 1 Tiny Clover  This song is about Ireland.  And the cold hearted from the west that encroached upon it and colonized it.  It is from the point of view of the innocent asking the question or the reflective comparison of what is not as great as what was?  That which is Irish and yet does not have the same substance as Irish!
Track 2 Granny Freak This song illustrates the validity of personal experience those with the divided soul face in life.  It is about a woman that speaks to the child in her womb while at the same time mocking the life of a man.  The Irish were once said to have had a conflict with a race of women?
Track 3 Moaning With Wilson A song meant to be humorous; an operatic parody.
Track 4 Florist Leach  A song about being approached by a woman that had been drinking on the beach.
Track 5 Mrs. Barrels Roadblocks  This is a song that reflects how fragments of a divided self covet the dependence they would like to keep imposed on the divided self.
Track 6 Your Projects A song about the reality of those that did not have a father to imprint them in a loving manner with basic skills.  My father was a Tech 5 Sergeant in the Army Corp of Engineers.
Track 7 Resentment of Ability This is a song about jealousy and how far some people will go to maintain a delusion of false superiority.
Track 8 Lord Comes Down  This is a song about the honor system and how one believes in themselves even when the odds are against them.  A belief in oneself and how a higher power or sense of God keeps one striving to achieve greatness and the comparison to those that one knows are a fraud.
Track 9 Mean Daughter One wonders what makes the mean daughter and this song asks the question.
Track 10 Nooky Nook  A hokey and kitsch parody of polkas you might here sung at a wedding.
Track 11 Ruined Good This song is about women and their makeup and how water color paintings tend to run.  Spite against the painter.  Ode to Van Gogh or da Vinci?  A balancing act of the painter to the yin force that believes it is the hidden influence for the painting.
Track 12 Dominican This song has the feel of the nuns that dance with roller skates under their long dresses.  But more important than that it is how some souls are coveted and the people are not to marry for fear of losing a connection and life failure.
Track 13 Old Master
Track 14 Son of Man
Track 15 Granny Fieldcorns Boy  This song relates the nature of the school bully.  And how an urban bully is much the same as a rural one.
Track 16 High in the Tree
Track 17 Wayside Nuns A fictional song portraying how one from an unknown side of religion might experience life or odd discipline in the Church or lack of it.
Track 18 Cherry Cheeks  This is a song about the children who are overweight fat in the face and also mean.
Track 19 Mocked This is a song that reveals the nature of false authority.
Track 20 Elohim A song about the name of the Jewish God that is never to be mentioned. I said it!
Track 21 God She Loved My Soul a song about the nature of God.
Track 22 Love and Hate  This is a song about how different people view love and hate.  A young woman once said to me, “Hate is too close to love.”  On years of thought about the matter I sang this song.
Track 23 Nobody Like Me  A song about how some people feel different in our world today.  As if the times have changed for them in a way that they should not have.  Living in a reality of unreality whereby most people you meet lack basic common sense.  As if one is living in the present of an odd future lost in chaos.
Track 24 I Need You
Track 25 The Dead This is a song about the divided soul.  It is like the cat that waits with the baby for the chance to smother it?  Or the divided self that mocks the worker and then leaves the soul when the work is done; as if it too was a worker. A delusion of fragments of self as being self?  Or indeed negative imprints of self leaving the self after a mocked day of work.
Track 26 Keep Away This is a song about the plight of minds that seek to become faster than that of the divided self.  In an odd effort to get ahead in life.  A validity of personal experience.  An exposition of how shadow people would like to defeat the human soul in order to trade places with one.

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