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Monday, July 8, 2013

Child Psychiatry- This might be the one we are missing! 07 08 2013 Update # 1

Child Psychiatry 07 08 2013
Child Psychiatry- This might be the one we are missing!
A.      Clergy sexual abuse of boys- by presumed adult authority.  Over 500 cases in Milwaukee alone.
B.      26,000 cases of sexual assault in the United States Military by a presumed and trusted Government Authority!
C.      Child Psychiatry!  This is something wrong about this one too!  Schizophrenia is a medical fraud perpetrated by the Satanic!  Can I make the assertion that that is true no matter what age the victim is?  YES!
When might psychiatry be valid?  For the human being that sexually molested others and colluded to steal the souls of human beings; no matter what age they were.  But so far as is common knowledge no Catholic Priest has ever been forced to take anti psychotic medicine that prevents them from using their “Higher brain function.”  I put it in quotes because it is an oxymoron use but the only way to applicably apply the concept and sentence.  Do you see what I am getting at?  Those adults who participated in the sexual molestation of boys should never be allowed to have the capacity for that scheming evil type of thought again.  And the way to do that is to give the hair of the dog back to the dog that bit you.
In other words this is a round table we need to turn on itself.  We need to make the Kings at this round table the defendants of a round table of the World Public.
Whatever it is that qualifies as “C” above is far uglier than A. or B.!  When you find out the truth about these beast’s we are going to be crying so hard that quite literally there will be great flooding!  ~ Maybe even sinking Continental land masses!
Can you imagine a child’s mind being bullied and attacked from a beast or coven of beasts making it hear “voices” non-stop and that beast having the ability then TO SEE THROUGH THAT CHILDS EYE’S! When it is revealed to the population most adult human beings will be lucky if they don’t die of shock from the horror of the news!!!
It is a Crime Against Humanity and those who round the clock, 24 hours a day every day, actively sought to steal the soul of a child in this manner as a group or coven are going to need to be executed for the Crime Against Humanity; it is punishable anywhere else in the world by the death penalty.  And indeed it is a crime against the Government of the United States too!
Plain and simple the beast rejuvenates its life by victimizing human beings for their souls in many, many ways!
When the Colonists hung witches and also Warlocks (Male Witches) it might have been because they were sexually molesting children!!!!!!!!  Most likely it was!!!!  This first insult to America’s Freedom by the Satanic is part of our history that has been recharacterized and it did indeed occur not only before the war against the Satanic South in the Civil War but also before the War against the Satanic England of the Revolutionary War!!!  The religious freedom the colonist sought being the ability to execute sexual molesters of children?  That does indeed sound consistent the events of history.  Massachusetts's being an English Corporation and what happened their?  First we had the Salem witch trials and then the Boston Tea Party that evicted that Corporate Mal Influence (but not for good.)
There was very little taught to us about the Salem Witch Trials.  You could ask a Catholic Teacher why, and they would hem and haw and give you an answer that distracted you from them having to explain the real reason; which would have exposed them?  Yes there were some instances with regard to children that went to the private school Holy Family in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin, which would classify as a voucher school today, as being sexually molested.  As a matter of fact the importance or significance of the Salem Witch trials has been both minimalized and as a great disservice to our society, “Overwritten.”
What is the point?  It is not children that are the victims of being sexually molested that should have their higher brain function compromised but rather the adults who should face this form of censorship justice!  THAT IS ONE LESS EVIL MIND TO INFLUENCE OUR SOCIETY IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!!  And once a victim see’s that a criminal who hurt them is brought to justice they no longer need any form of drugstore cowboy psychiatry do they?  That creep is hanging from a light pole by a noose and we can walk the streets with a sense of trust in our communities and their people again!  That is how it should have been applied!
Now on the flip side to the horror comes to mind; what if there are children “COVENIZED” to participate in the stealing of adult human souls?  The Magog of Nazi Germany did indeed use children too didn’t they!
For you of old literary appeal, in both A. and B. it is a proven fact that, “the pot was calling the kettle black.”  That is another way of saying that the criminals were accusing their victims the criminals in the process of crime.  It is a very good defense in hiding ones identity as a criminalized or “COVENIZED” human being!  In other words because of mental defect the Witch or Warlock claims that the victims it sexually molested are the true witches or warlocks as it victimizes them!  Somehow the cognitive framework of such individuals has been built up on  a satanic framework of delusion all throughout their lives that this belief system is formed and well indoctrinated in them!  There is only one way that happens and that is if it has a pier support group or Family support group.
The best prima fascia evidence we have of who causes schizophrenia is in old black and white video footage of teenage girls screaming at a Beatles concert.  (newly discovered and revealed principal of human psychology) The reason they are screaming is to deafen and negate the thoughts of their very own thinking so that they can more better realize the fantasy of being one with the male rock star of the “British Invasion.”    If you will, this screaming is a form of enhancing escapism from “Self.”
Now imagine that a young girl has a very mean father and a cold hearted mother and the young girl directs that same energy, as in the scene above, to the mind of a human being; with the intent of being one with that human being.  This is a far different construct than a  child cursing an adult for victimizing them and the adult soaking up that energy!  To be one with that human being she has to indeed intrude into his mind while at the same time distracting herself from thinking or hearing her own negative thoughts; or maybe rather experiencing the poverty of her own thoughts?  (Can’t say I blame her?  Pick up a book to read.  As a matter of fact I even wrote one for you to do just that titled, “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper”
Shortly before his death (?) John Lennon sag the ever depressing song about his relationship with his oriental wife.  The satanic invasion lyrics went, “We keep playing these mind games forever!”  Something too about “projecting are thoughts through space and through time!”  So if you are projecting my thoughts through space and time isn’t it like you are taking them from me and scattering them all over the place like gold coins for those of your Coven to pick up?  Now imagine that she and a Coven do this to the point whereby the thoughts of the person being demonized become their “Community thought!”  They have created a “dark well” for themselves as a source of life!  “Dark well” is also the current state of our natural water supply  on earth- poisoned!  Satanically poisoned by Corporate World Entity. (CWE) Poisoned by the weak will of that whom is so irresponsible that it fears thinking for itself more than anything else in life, (Maybe it can’t.  Maybe after so many generations of this it no longer has the capacity!)    Because of this the greater minds of our society are taken from their feet and branded and stigmatized as being schizophrenic by it!  Yeah; and many of them are Jews too!  But the concept is one of a religion that has not name that has been able to be labeled to it and define it; somehow this cadre that persecutes the human soul has not been brought to just for this crime.  Likely it is the network layer in upper management in every corporation and religion of the earth; and governments to.  The legitimized illegitimate mind!
Young girls taught not to be the paying fan of a person but instead presume to be a “Coveting” fan of their mind and exclude that person from thinking for themselves.  Hence you have the mocking woman’s narrator voice in the Bible in the “Parable of the Talents.”  That narrators voice appears mocking several times in the Bible and it has an immature or primate quality to it.
It doesn’t sound so good about you when you when you read it in writing does it Missy?  I wrote you a ticket!  Here is another relevant Beatles lyric, “She’s got a ticket to ride and she don’t care!”
So this is what the race of them becomes, Voyeurs of other people’s minds as a manner of escapism!
And what happens when a strong minded person overpowers the entire weak mind of a coven?  The coven has technology invented to assist them in overpowering that stronger and better mind.  And it is the beginning of the end for the human race!
Odd looking mutated skin headed intellectual based freaks juxtaposed against barbaric talking primates.  And neither faction having evidence of the emergent strength of a human soul.  (The theme of The Planet of the Apes III) I believe.  And who was the prey of both of those factions?  The normal human being or maybe even someone that could be defined to be an Elohim?

And if there are children that are not on par in terms of behavior with other children (I.e. Mean and bullying while yet thought to somehow be sociable?)  it is not the responsibility of the school system to raise them to be good people.  In effect their home life works to the contrary of that goal doesn’t it!  This parental type care should be considered a prerequisite!  But here we get- into an issue where historically English self declared elite prevented normal children from being educated out of spite for them!  And that is not right either.  You see as soon as you figure out what the spit is that should not be turned you get put on it and it gets turned.  The wielders of the spit wield it until the earth spins out of orbit and we all die.  (And there indeed is another short story that someone will write and make a bundle from!  I can feel it in my bones on this rainy day.
So you put a child on psychiatric medicine because it is a very mean and abusive child to others and what happens?  You have delayed that child’s cognitive development in the process would be the counterargument.  Do you see how there is no middle ground concerning that child’s feet?
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Enter adult life.  And a daughter of the coven has demonized a man for his human soul.  What does she become?  An ersatz everything that he was supposed to be using his manly skills right?  Religions based on the glamorization and embellishment of crucifixion of Jesus Christ as a central theme being veiled or subversive proponents of this behavior?  Jesus pier group that convicted him, had to have been mentally retarded lead wine drinking Romans?

In summary in our modern world the child who was sexually molested becomes the one to receive all the pay for drug benefits of reduced higher brain function in psychiatric treatment whereas the Priests, school bullies, Military base commanders receive none of the benefits of reduced higher brain function?????

And the rhetorical question to the sloth minded is what happens when a religion of followers loses their leader because there are no more born or raised to be of the capability.  They hire a priest to work in a Rectory pronounced Rect (um) Torey?   Or in a Synagogue pronounced :"Sin oh Gog?"  Sometimes I mention Gog and Magog and also how Jesus Christ drove the money changers out of the temple.

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