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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Magog Engineering 07 10 2013

Magog Engineering 07 10 2013

"It never asks what still makes something true?"

This results in faulty and dangerous products being produced.

What does the defect in logic stem from?  Defeating others achievement through the use of verbal ability and lack of substance.

The verbal based mind rather than the one based on spacial relations seeks to quickly discard any argument it faces that contradicts it- with insult.

It likes to believe that things are much simpler than they really are?  Or it does not have the capacity to understand the ramifications of its actions?  These are all qualities a good parent possesses.  A parent that seeks to love and care for its children in contradiction to what amounts to legitimized conflict caused by a minds filled with verbal turmoil?  In other words not thinking in terms of how someone could be hurt but instead thinking in terms of how you can prevent someone (child) from taking initiative?  And then being a proponent of saying that everything one see's someone else do is easy to do and you can do it too, but don't- manage the process instead?  It reads like a vortex doesn't it?

It needs to be weeded from our manufacturing and jobs sector completely in the United States.

And also it needs to be recognized in all areas of our society.

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