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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Album Notes from "That Tom" CD released earlier

Track Information
1. ‘I See a Goose’ This song was inspired by me watching a little white poodle jump in Lake Michigan and swim after Geese.
2. ‘There Will Come a Day’- This is a quote from Jesus Christ in the Bible made into a song .
3. ‘I’m Going on a Photo Safari’- it expresses my exuberance to go out in the woods with my camera.
4. ‘A Who Wa Wa Who’- This is a song that I sung after I came home from frolicking in the waves of Lake Michigan while surfers were surfing.
5. ‘Memories of You I Have’- A sentimental song.
6. ‘When I Needs a Messagem’- This is just me being goofy.
7. ‘I’m Not Going to Tell You How to Put Out a Candle Potted Nuclear Reactor’- This is a modern commentary about the dangers of Nuclear Energy and the skill level of a generation.
8. ‘If You Have to Look it Up’- this is just me singing to remind me…
9. ‘That is When the Writing Started’- What can I say? A lot of music exposes the truth about mental illness. And when you create music you benefit from the truth? This song is about how when you go to the store and two old men who look like they have reserved balcony seats at the theater wryly smile at you and say, “That was me in that song.” And you think, “I could have done better in life without the instance of you in the world.” But instead of getting angry, you sing a new song. Seeing is proof positive but so is hearing. To show a person what emotion they think they should not be feeling is an art? Am I trying to make the lyrics sound grumpy?
10. ‘Happy Together’ is a dialog poem from my novel ‘The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper’, this is more of how a traditional song is written. I should sing more of these.
11. ‘There is Someone Thinking Out There’- This song is my imagination cooking up a science fiction type of story, if not indeed me directly putting spirits to shame.
12. ‘Aren’t You Glad I Stayed Home Tonight’- This is a commentary about a loving type of attachment and the fear of separation.
13. ‘That Old Man Cruddy Man’- This one is kind of soulful.
14. ‘How Easy Would My Teaching Be If You Could Do It All For Me’- This one is a mantra.
15. ‘What Do Accuse Me to Be’- Righteous Commentary
16. ‘Sorry Howie Boy’- This is just me expressing my imagination and pandering to the Israelites and trying to make a fictional Howie Boy jealous.
17. ‘Quit Put Those Dead People Inside Me’- Me exorcising the same while fishing. Ad libbing and making no further attempt to be professional about it, because of the title.
18. ‘El Barrio’- This is me being silly while driving through a poor side of town at night.
19. ‘That Tom’- This one is pure odd humor, call it no guilt for imagination, inspired by a politician that reminded me of a donkey. I couldn’t sing this one again if I tried.

 That Tom CD

Thomas Paul Murphy

About the Cover
It is a picture of a Wild Turkey I photographed in the city of Milwaukee. The locals call him Lisa. He comes to the about the same place every night hoping someone sets food out for him. I caught him looking to see if someone was home and ready to bring food out for him. He looks a little guilty in this photo.

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