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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Military Handguns 07 09 2013 Update #2

Military Handguns 07 09 2013

It was about 24 years ago when I cut a small piece of pipe (about 3/8") in diameter and made a half moon front sight out of it for my fathers double barreled Winchester 12 Gauge Shot Gun.  It had spring pressure that held it to the rail and I also used an epoxy with fiber in it to hold it in place.   I went to the shotgun range with my friend for the second time in my life then and outscored him in the skeet shoot!  I can't remember how many targets I shot out of how many but it was very good for a first time starter.

What is my point?  Military hand guns should have had the double ring (Front and Back) ring sights a long time ago!

It is very hard to miss with the double ring sights!!!!  One lines the two rings up with the target and looks through them to the target; pulls the trigger and that is where the bullet goes.

I read a statistic that only 2% of military personal could accurately use a handgun from 20 yards!!!!

The United States Military should have had this about 100 years ago!

The purpose of our military often seems to me to be population control by the socialite Magog class.

I believe that sights like this are made for handguns today! Do an Internet search. 

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Update:  My father was a veteran from WWII and North Korea and when I was a boy he told me stories about how hard it was to hit anything with a .32 Caliber handgun that he brought home from the war.  We never had that handgun.  My Aunt Helen did and I don't know what happened to it.  But the point is that from what my father had told me; I had been thinking of a solution for that for quite some time.

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