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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Suicide and Judea Christianity 07 17 2013

Suicide and Judea Christianity 07 17 2013
In recent news there was a suicide.  I have to ask myself why a person would want to kill themselves?  What is it that they cannot escape from?
Was Jesus Christ a proponent of suicide when he said, “It is my life and I can lay it down at any time and pick it right back up again?”
Or was this his way of defeating the demons that plagued him at the end of his death?  The belief consistent with his tribe cutting off the ear of the son of a San Hedrin? 
We are not really told why the Jews wanted to crucify the good man Jesus Christ.  But what we are told in Christianity is that Jesus Christ died for all of our sins.  So it appears that the Jews abdicated who could be chosen to die for the sins of others?
There had to have been some conflict between Jesus Christ and the wealthy San Hedrin Jews or they would not have wanted him killed.  In the Gospel of Nicodemus, who was a San Hedrin, it states that they wanted him dead but without the blood on their hands.  What is that the motive of?  That is the motif of a mind that wants to kill someone without a valid reason for doing  so.
They also accused Jesus Christ of being a sorcerer.  Isn’t that terrible that a man with such a great foundation of philosophy would have to face judgment from hag wives?  How do we know they were hag wives?  The main gripe of Procula, the wife of Pontius Pilate was that he gave her a terrible dream?  This would appear to be a woman that was somehow very in tune with the mind of Jesus Christ, isn’t it!  Did he really give her a terrible dream or just look at her with disgust?  And they were something to be disgusted!  The comparison can be made to a woman marrying a wealthy man in the United States and having an inferiority complex that she rids herself of by wielding horrific power over others!
What am I getting at?  I have proved that Procula had a mind that was very in tune with that of Jesus Christ.  Does that also mean that her “brood” did too?  Most likely it would have to mean that too!  So when Jesus Christ said, “It is my life and I can lay it down at any time and pick it back up.”  Did one of that brood who was also in tune with his mind, (A scene with baby apes sitting with a adult female and zoning out?), take that as a belief to act upon also?  So did we have young magog killing themselves because Jesus thought of that phrase, “It is my life, I can lay it down at any time I want to and pick it right back up?”
For all we really know Jesus Christ was really just lying down to take a nap and that was what the phrase meant.  But what if there weak minded that heard that thought, remember they were in tune with his mind I already proved that, and acted upon it and killed themselves?  Well then you would have those who can’t think for themselves blaming someone else for everything bad that happens?  It’s like she dropped the kids off and said to them just listen to everything in that persons head and you will be fine?  Like one listens to the radio?  I did prove that they were in tune with his mind didn’t I!  That is not how human beings learn!!!!  Why even have children if that is how you are going to raise them, by not raising them yourself?  That child has to learn something from its own parents other than to kill someone that was a good shepherd that they mis interpreted to be a bad shepherd!
So it was the Jews that believed in sacrifice too!  You can’t argue that is a false statement!  They wanted him dead, did not want the blood on their hands and also got money for his death!  The belief in sacrifice????  Isn’t that really a form of the jealous killing someone whose mind was a lot better than their own; in the case of Jesus Christ and others like him in world history to date?
So two factions against Jesus Christ wanted him dead.  A wife in tune with his mind and a tribe that believed in sacrifice.  But why did they believe in sacrifice?  Because a tribe that was so in tune with a human beings mind to the degree that they were would not be able to realize any sense of self esteem in their lives.  Why not?  Because they would always know that they never achieved anything in their lives on their own!  And that is a good thing because it is a human emotion to have guilt for misgotten gains isn’t it?  It is a human emotion to know that you did not deserve credit.  The Romans were the exact opposite of that though weren’t they?  They just killed everyone like savage beasts and showed no regrets for it, it was part of their belief in church/state or self proclaimed Gods in Government.   The Roman Emperor Caligula raped his sister on the dinner table and chewed off the testicles of live men strung upside down. Sounds like the German Milwaukeean Jeffrey Dahmner doesn’t it?  God in Government? – sounds a lot like English Lords doesn’t it?  And despite what you are propagandized to believe today the U.S. has had major problems with England because of that belief system!
Did the Magog of the Roman Empire really eat the flesh off the men that were hung and dried on the cross?  Ever go to a Polish Deli or an Asian Deli?  That is how they cure their meat.  But the point is it breaks an important law of God from the Bible, “Thou shall not eat the flesh with the life blood still in it.”  Can such flesh create a person that has the mind of a beast?  Is that what a Magog really is?  Someone that has had their DNA tainted through Cannibalism?  Jesus alluded to this in the last supper with the phrase body of Christ and blood of Christ, don’t have time to explain.  But one good thing about Christianity is that it paints the picture that the blood of someone with the intelligence and good morals that Jesus Christ, (a  pariah of Jews) had is a good example of how to stay a healthy person?  Right?  The flesh and blood of Jesus Christ was better than everyone else’s so that is why you should consume it?  Remember these people were barbarians, even the Romans were Barbarians!  But the point is that the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ was better because of his belief system and his ability to maintain that belief system all throughout his life.  So the moral being if you live the life of Jesus Christ you need not be a cannibal?  Or if you live the life of Jesus Christ you will not suffer the consequences of cannibalism?
So if a man say’s that, “He can lay down and go to sleep any time he wants that is different than saying, I can lay my life down at any time I want and pick it back up.”  I just wanted to teach you that differential item of semantic meaning.  That might be one that is important for you to know.  And maybe you should never bother someone when they have worked a hard day’s work and sit or lay down to take a nap.  Wouldn’t that be the better advice?  It would seem to promote that in order to rest one needs to think for themselves and work for themselves.  It is an advocate of personal responsibility.  But are their those that follow that advice already without having done the commensurate amount of work that would a lot them the time to lay down and take a nap in a matter of recuperation?  We might call them, Obese, Sloth, Envy, etc.  But don’t you dare use the terminology before you take a nap, “It is my life and I can lay it down at any time I want and pick it right back up!”  You will have angry mobs with lost sons and daughters after you!
They kill themselves because they are greatly in tune with that mind and know it is wrong, and know there is no escape from it, and also cannot stand not being the one who is the great thinker.  You will never hear of this anywhere else, because in order for it to be recognized that “Procula” beast would first have to experience the transformational emotion of great shame.  It is never going to happen!
And Jesus a Jew did willingly take the cross.  Isn’t a good shepherd willingly going to his death an action consistent with the act of suicide?  A good shepherd doesn’t kill himself.  Which makes one wonder if he was drugged?  There are people just as terrible as that today!  Alcohol, Tobacco, Cocaine, Pot, Meth, Heroine, Crack, glue sniffers,  all items that push people closer to their death.  What are they?  They are forms of escapism.  Escapism from what?  The responsibility of being a human being!  So when you escape from it, little by little you are denying yourself the privilege that you were born to be.  And at a certain age you might find that the lack of knowledge that you lost be escaping from it…well you might find that to be unbearable.  Not only that you might be extremely envious of the knowledge of other people and find that unbearable too!  We were meant to live and learn and prosper from it, not to escape from the principle, only to reach a certain age in life that there is nothing that can make us happy.
I have always believed in myself, and there has been little evidence that anyone else has ever believed in me.  So if you read this you might find that to be your motivation to endure too.  A true belief in your good self.  And you know you are a good person and believe in yourself when “people” try and try again to prove to you that you are not for the most pittances of reasons, don’t let them convince you otherwise; as their cognitive framework, as discussed above, might be entirely different and “foreign” from yours. 

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