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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Starter Soul 07 14 2013

Starter Soul 07 14 2013

What is it?

A cow provides specific antibodies in its milk and placenta to its young.  They are for that specific metabolism that is highly consitent and very identical to its own.

So the question then relates to humans.  Are the antibodies from a mother human specific to the cranial shape and brain structure of its young?  Of course they are!  And is there something of a human soul from their natural father and mother present in sperm and ova?  Of course their is, there has to be!!!  And does it contain weak electrical signals patterned after its parents?  Of course, that is the nature of how the human nervous system works; it is based on traveling electrical signals.  The gateway being from one cell to the next.  As if a matter of cross checking along the line a memory or thought is formed consistent with a human beings experience and the thoughts flow based on correct concepts with regard to pleasure and pain with regard to that persons memory which is based on their own life's experience!    In other words, assuming higher brain function is not impaired by an antipsychotic drug designed to limit it, that persons thinking is going to be based on memories of past experience as a matter of present determination with regard to its own survival!!  (The key here is own survival!!!)  This paragraph got a little windy and off topic.

So who doesn't have a starter soul.

1.  A bastard or adopted son or daughter.  Why not?  Because he has different brain shape and chemistry than his natural father or mother!

2.  Son of an alcoholic or drug user.  Why not?  Because a most crucial part of human development was compromised in them.

3. ~? ~

Conclusion:  We need to do all we can so children are not born into this horror!  No drugs or Alcohol!  No putting children up for adoption and seperating them from their natural parents.

So how does one without their own starter soul adapt out of frustration to:

A. Being one without a starter soul as a child?
B. Being raised by one without a starter soul as a child?
C. ~? ~

Both A and B are topics that I have discussed before in detail.  But some day I might list those answers here with A and B.  For those of you who are fans of my beliefs that might make a good practice type lessen for you to try.

It creates a MISMATCH from normal father son male bonding; which is really the construct of imprinting a child and teaching him with skills out of fatherly (motherly) love.  And I have written at length about that MISMATCH too!

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"~?~"  New concept with me.  The infinite question with here to fore publicly unknown answers.

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