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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pope Francis and Changes to the Roman Catholic Church 07 28 2013

If you look at Irish High Crosses you see that underneath them there are images of men with their hands over their groins.  What a tribute to those Catholic Priests such crosses would be?  And I am not advocating putting the Catholic Priests that sexually molested boys up on crosses because that would indeed be cruel and unusual punishment and against the United States Constitution.  But wait a minute doesn't that mean that torture is against the Constitution too, but that did not stop recent Presidents of the United States who were sworn into office to protect the Constitution from doing it.  And did I not read that the CIA experimented with sexually molesting boys in the early 70's too?  Is there a connection between those in power at the CIA then to the Catholic Church at that time?  You want to change the Catholic Church the first thing that you do is get rid of the Roman prefix.  The Roman empire was one of the most horrific empires in the world; creating Castrati, Unics, the Emperor Caligula biting the testicles off of live men and raping his sister at the feast table?  How come no one was commissioned to paint that one?  Why keep that name with a church that you want to change for the better?

But wait a minute Jesus died for all of our sins?? So according to the Roman Catholic Church we would indeed be forgiven for crucifying Catholic Priests that sexually molested boys???  And that is indeed the "theology" that Catholic Priests learned and practiced?  I am been told that my logic if

The question then becomes were there family ties between the CIA and the priests in the Roman Catholic Church that molested boys?  That is worth doing the research on.  It is not too hard in that you know who half of the people are already.  But the hard part is finding out who worked for the CIA?  I could say that the CIA wanted to created split minds as part of a directive to have Centralized Intelligence?  Read the Bible concerning the background and mind of Satan for background on that.

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