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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blood Types Update # 2 includes marriage and aides hypothesis

When I was a boy I wondered why some blood types were not supposed to marry others?  I never got a straight answer from anyone!  But there is still something to that question that remains unanswered in my mind!!!!

 Here is a statistic on the percentage of people in the United States with the various blood types.  Some time I am going to have to research just what each blood type really means!

Again I have not heard the right answer to the question what I have heard is more common the  lollipop type answer you get from the modern news.

But what do we know?  We know that a woman who had the developed the mind of a beast was cured from it with a blood donation or plasma extract, very expensive, from many people.

The motivation for one person not marrying another based on blood type must have some relationship to that issue!

And I don't even believe it is an issue today, but I would have to check.  So if it was an issue supported by science why is it no longer today?  What was the issue really supported by?  If you marry this person you will figure out that "She's not there?"

Update #2

Is there something different about a homosexual or lesbians blood?  There are many different types of blood.  What originally meant for the different classifications was whether a blood type tested positive or negative to a specific antigen!  An antigen being the bloods immunity to a specific disease!  It is also part of the allergic reaction process!!!

So how have the classified the Aides virus with regard to blood?  The aides virus trumps all the other blood types because it has absolutely no human resistance to disease!  But yet it is not officially and boldly, openly classified as a different blood type and part of our education system regarding blood types!!!! Doesn't that bother you and hint that their is a bad motive present behind it?

You wouldn't want a pure blood plasma transfusion from an aides patient, I don't even know if you can say there is- per the last paragraph!  I don't believe you can purify the plasma of an aides patient!  If you could they would no longer have aides would they!  So that is indeed a different blood type!  Not only does it have no antigen reaction to disease; it has lost all its human immunity!  A Science Fiction writer could even accurately build on that theme and classify it as blood of people that are designed to serve a disposable purpose in life?

Again the original blood typing's had to do with what antigen was present; antigen being the resistance to disease!  Your bodies way of recognizing it right of the bat and going after it with your immune system.  Aides blood type has none of that!  It is indeed XXXXX blood type- meaning death!

It is like they tried to pull a fast one on us and obscure the public knowledge and relevance of blood types isn't it? That is indeed an admission of culpability!

We know it wouldn't make common sense to try to prove me wrong that you can't create a pure blood plasma transfusion from the blood of an aides patient, we know that, or at least I have the common sense to know that and it is not something that needs to be tried to be proven wrong?  Who is it that does not have the common sense to resist the temptation to try and prove deadly things wrong?  To experiment to prove me wrong would likely give someone the deadly aides virus!  How is that not murder?

I believe that every U.S. citizen has a right to defend themselves with lethal and deadly force if attempted to be raped!!!!

That applies to Catholic Priests, Higher Ranking Military personnel, the former Presidents of the United States meeting in closed quarters and world leaders meeting in closed quarters, Jewish boys that want you to kiss with them, members of the Boy Scouts that give you pot and try and rape you.  Make that your new Boy Scout Motto, "Death before sodomized!"

Could some of us end up owning all the wealth in the world because our blood is the best medicine to rid someone of the mind of the beast?  (Oddly enough I did not want to give any of my blood in High School.  And I can remember a Jewish Boy being very pissed and ornery at me because of it.  My rationale was that the needles were not safe.  Actually I am blood brothers with a Jewish Boy!  We were best friends when we were young and we cut our fingers and stuck them together like we saw on television.)

I give you a clue, you are not going to change the Constitution of the United States so you can take our Blood Plasma from us!

The U.S. was not so wrong in that Blood tests before marriage issue were they?

How many gays would marry if they knew the other had aides?  Then you end up with two with the deadly disease instead of one!  So what you say?  We'll doesn't that increase the odds the rest of us get it?  And isn't the Center for Disease Control or FEMA responsible in every way from protecting us from that happening?  Isn't that what they are paid to do?  Or is that really what can be termed Ostensible Employment?  You were paid for that responsibility and you were negligent with regard to providing it; sounds like another group that should give us all their money back (keep reading my paper and you'll see I find quite a few of those groups.)

And the odds are extremely high that an Aides father will pass it on to his adopted son just through life happenings!  Like working with tools and getting a cut on a finger!

No-one with Aides should ever be allowed to adopt.  No child should ever even be present in a house with someone else that has aides!  It would be murder to give them the deadly virus!  And maybe if a father or parent (women get it sure enough) the best thing to do in order to protect those children is that they be taken away from them!

What we might find out is that certain blood types are prone to the Communist mindset and never belonged in the United States! That antigen is evidence of the allergic reaction that stimulates the immune function!  Do you know what else we are going to find out?  That victims of schizophrenia are victims of those that have an allergy to Human Thought in our world!!!!!  There is no other way to say this, but people with an allergy to human thought never belonged in the United States of America!  Transfusion Incompatibility?  What does that really mean?  It means a lot more than meets the facade of public understanding doesn't it?  From my latest internet inquiry into blood research this morning there are 23 blood groups and hundreds of different types.  RF link And in terms of the science with regard to the combinant factor of them; we will never know because the aides virus has trumped the issue and therefore the scientific understanding that the public receives with it has been hidden on proverbial dust shelves of a locked Government room.  It is not being taught in schools and the reason being because children have lost their ability to learn?  You can't learn that if you can't even learn to read and write for yourself can you?  It's laughable isn't it, to think you can relay a responsible understanding of that in teaching youth?

You know what everyone in Whitefish Bay WI where I live thinks about me?

Link to track fourth up from the bottom!

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