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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Green Bay Packers 34 Minnesota Vikings 37 12 30 2012

Green Bay Packers 34 Minnesota Vikings 37          12 30 2012

Professional Sports.....

They are professionals and yet they do not act like adults on the football field.

Some of the referee's are indeed lawyers and do not seem to have the legal capacity to make simple calls. It does not represent our judicial system well.

The players do not even play like good children play sports; with sportsmanship and respect for other players.

Do you want to know what contributes to our violence problem in the United States? A player making a bad play and another player right there in his face like it is time to start a fight.

Guns, guns, guns? They are not our problem it is adults with the minds of children that are our problem. They don't belong there and never did. This is the role model for young black and white adults to look up to? It is not working and has lead us to trouble.

A black child goes to school and thinks of getting ahead what does he do? He looks at professional football players and see's how they like to act like they want to fight, to taunt and provoke trouble! And that is what both the black child and the white child become at a young age today.

We would be better off to just give these people the money and put them under house arrest than to have them negatively influence our children and society.

The world is not about playing fair, you don't have to play fair, and if you play fair you will not win in life is what they are taught.

Salaries on professional athletes should be capped nationwide to that of what a fireman makes. We need to validate the education system.

So if they do not make it in professional sports what do they come with all the unabated aggression that they have learned? Drug dealers. And of course their mothers are happy they have so much money.

To send them to college first is a complete joke that has degraded the meaning of a college graduate to that of the dumb high school jock.

So we don't pay you enough money in this country and you move to another country to play professional sports? Good riddens! We will be much better off without you despite what your media empire wants you to believe. The media empire has been wrong about everything in professional sports. They pander to the woman fan with the mind of a woman commentator in a man; a man who feels sorry for other professional athletes because he knows their limitation. When Brett Favre was having his losing streak I said we get rid of him. I actually believed he was done after Warren Sapp Sacked him and drove his head into the ground. When we traded Desmond Howard every single person that I talked to said that he did not really help the Packers win. They were wrong about that too. Eventually we brought him back. Not only does the media empire not know how to talk about professional sports; they don't know how they should be played either- professionally.

Poor sportsmanship in every meaning of the phrase should not be tolerated in professional sports. That is how professional sports should be defined- it does not tolerate poor sportsmanship. Those of us who learned good sportsmanship in life would never make it in Professional Sports. And to be honest some who do not have good sportsmanship are weeded out as they should be; but far too many fall through the cracks.

You would think that the players in Milwaukee Baseball would support the team but that is not the case every taxpayer still supports the business of Baseball in Milwaukee. I just looked at my bill from the hardware store and the Milwaukee County Tax went up to 6.1%. You know how it should be? County stadium should contribute tax revenue to the city of Milwaukee instead of Milwaukee County residents supporting baseball. To be honest what good parent wants to go to a baseball game today and take their young children with them when there are beer drinking mongrels set loose on the place. And guess who pays for that beer? The Milwaukee County taxpayer that still pays for that Stadium does. ( I may be wrong that the tax is still going to pay for the stadium but the point is the same.)

If you are a professional sports fan wouldn't you like to see good honest people with real life stories playing? Every time there is a Milwaukee Brewer game or a Green Bay Packer football game I have some Bimbo screeching voices in my head. What does that tell us? Those professional sports players do not even earn the money that is paid to them. They do not have the education or achieved talent to play even the simplest of games. The WHORE of the Parable of the Talents from the Bible helps them out. Without that whore they would not have the athleticism and winning streaks that they do.  Without professional sports they would be where they belong, working in factories and on farms because they do not have the intelligence for white collar jobs?  No they would have to honestly achieve like the rest of us strive to. Without professional sports those mongoloid bully children would have no hope in life and become depressed and held back a few grades because they could neither behave nor get good grades. They don’t belong here and should not be a part of our Democracy. We should not have to leave the United States of America to find a country like what the United States of America is supposed to be.  How many mongoloids are born in Milwaukee because a man and a woman drank beer at a brewer game paid for by the taxpayer and it had a barely perceptible negative influence on brain metabolism?  Not only is that Taxation without representation it is something that incites Revolution.  Sure we need to have sports in our society.  But maybe at some point in time somebody will realize the negative impact it has had and bring the salaries down; the word that I am looking for is Commissioner. It doesn’t really mean what it should does it?  I could say that it should be a Government function but so many would cry foul- because that would be cheating!!!!!!!


There was one good point the Bimbo distracted me from typing.  Let’s see if you can figure out what it was.


Those weekend games are more important than all the world’s problems combined in the skull of a beer drinking primate.  Why?  Because it takes them back to the age when they were king of the playground!  Sure they got ahead in the business world and our culture but they did not belong there either; they even admit that as much with their smaller Government initiative.  It is an escape from the inability to think accurately about and conceptualize solutions to our modern problems.  The WHORE from the Parable of the talents thinks she can solve everything with her pig mouthed brain.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When I look at Professional athletes they do not garner respect from me, I see them as useless filth.  Build a statue of Sandusky and put it in your television news lobby because that is what you believe in.  Do you think that Sandusky and Paterno did not play part of the evil womans will in the Parable of the Talents in professional sports.  It is Sunday and you hate the Bible already because you are not one of us, who knew.

All you have to do to become Mayor of Milwaukee is to mention Beer and brats with overwhelming enthusiasm, that and a fishing show host, etc, etc, etc.


Bah Hum Bug and Happy New Year


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