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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Inventions Needed: Dry Antibiotic type powder that can be kept in your wallet 12 27 2012

Inventions Needed: Dry Antibiotic type powder that can be kept in your wallet 12 27 2012

I thought of this one while I removed and cleaned a dirty section of furnace pipe today and scratched my arm.

When a man needs is a dry antibacterial powder that they can keep in their wallet.  To use the product one simply washes the wound with water, removes the debris, apply the powder and rub it in.

I have mentioned before in my blogs that I like to take those little celephane packets of BC Aspirin Powder and entirely enclose them in clear packaging tape and keep them in my wallet, for emergency purposes.

But what I am talking about with this particular invention is a product that is not a blood thinner.  Something with antibacterial and antiviral properties.  It might even just be rosemary powder in combination with two other herbs!!!!  I think that is what I will try.  God did indeed tell us that he gave us everything that we needed.   I often put salt on wounds like this because it has iodine in it and it helps.  But I would be looking for something a little stronger.  Something that would make a good first aide product and one can keep in their wallet for years!

I have not done any research on this to see what home remedies would work good.  And also I have not seen simple products like this at the pharmacy.

Background:  As I was cleaning the duct I thought of how mice spread the hantavirus and some peoples houses have mice problems in the basement.   And how the Hantavirus it leads to widespread plague and many deaths.  You see I am not one to spread the plague but to prevent it!  When a mouse came walking through an Indians Tepee they quickly burnt it to the ground to prevent the spread of it!!!!  Our modern restaurants in America do not even employ that LEVEL of sanitation.

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