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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adolph Hitler was high on Amphetamines

Adolph Hitler was high on Amphetamines
Who else is high on Amphetamines?  Is not Ritalin the same thing?
So Adolph Hitler was given Amphetamines so that he would have no conscience while he kept the fire alive to kill people?  Did he determine that he should have the prescription or were they prescribed?  Big difference of meaning depending which is true!
Didn’t George Bush take it too?  And what did he advocate? No child left behind?  And was part of that program the idea to develop a drug to make kids smarter with pills.  Are not Amphetamines anti- allergens?  A tiny pinch of natural Ephedra clears my lungs after painting or gluing on wood projects and working with dust.  But back to the point how many kids grow up with clogged sinuses because of a household Allergen?  The most common being the pet.  Other likely ones are mold in the walls, horse hair carpets. 
So really if you want to make your kid smarter you get rid of the Dog!  The Pope is with me on this one too with his animals in the manger comment.  The dog is man’s best friend you say in defense.  Why isn’t your child your best friend I ask?
Have we created a Ritalin Generation that is as bad as Adolph Hitler?  What is Ritalin a false way for someone to still their mind and relax so that the mind can speed up and think?  Sounds like escapism.
If Hitler were not given amphetamines would his conscience caught up to him a lot quicker and he would have killed himself a lot quicker upon the epiphany that he was a bad person?
So some children cannot keep up with others?  Why should they have to learn any faster when I was in school I ask?  I will tell you why, because when people see that Dougie guy who is a Doctor at age 16 they start to ask questions.  How could someone be so smart so young?  I will tell you the answer.  Your evil occult put a very smart Doctor to the Nazi Psychiatric Cross and he was driven out of his mind.  If you want to hide the instance of the intelligent Satan at a young age you raise the bar to higher than it should be.  We learn algebra in I believe it was second semester High School and that is fine and the natural level.  What happens when you try and cram learning in a child too quickly?  It is very simple the educational system breaks down and you have widespread drug use.  If Rome created and fostered a market for wine via war and Catholicism I have to ask if they are behind the market for Marijuana.  Sure enough the Italian Mafia started that after they got a foothold post prohibition.  Gee the only tie between the Mafia and the Catholic Church is that they are both located in that small axis country of Italy.  I say Axis because the Axis forces were fed Eugenics literature by our deep south.  You know the ones who like to get drink Whiskey and beat plantation slaves?  The Confederates? And is not pot best grown in Confederate States because the weather is warmer year round?  Is the south trying to drag the North down to its level?  I am not saying that Northerners have ever been smarter than Southerners but albeit Northerners decided that they did not need slaves to support themselves.  They even went so far as to proclaim no one in the Country should.  Oh By Golly they even went against that line item quote from the Bible that said you could have them.  They rewrote the Bible right there didn’t they.  We rewrote the Bible in the United States with the Civil War.  We defined Slave owners as Bad Shepherds!
And the Bad Shepherd needs all sorts of drugs so that he does not feel left behind?  Imagine that a Good Shepherd that fears being left behind another Oxymoron?  To be fair, what was the trend trying to be to learn higher level college math in the fifth grade?  It will never happen.  That is not how children are supposed to be.  Children are supposed to first and foremost develop an interaction with the physical world and their parents.  That way when they get into school they do not feel out of place.
The question that nags at me is with regard to prejudice, subjective teachers and the raising of the bar so that some bad teachers can create negative expectations within students that they don’t like.  Within students that they seek to demonize so that the devils spawn has a scapegoat to learn from.  What if indeed the kid who was marked with the worst grades was indeed the smartest but no one wanted him to know it because they were all fur ears and learned from his mind as Satan is said to indeed, have no soul and be able to read men’s minds.  The part of Satan not having a soul is consistent with the south having slaves.  And maybe the Bible just say’s in that one small instance that you can have slaves so that in order to defend the position that you should not have slaves you have to read through the whole thing looking for reasons it says you shouldn’t.  Jesus was the good shepherd and had no slaves, how is that quick and simple.  But every other moral that you read in the Bible is indeed very good and sound.  Do not give up that Bible!  Go to it when you are down and flip the pages and open to a random spot and start reading- it is fun.  Or look at the funny names on the chapter index and start reading about one out of chapter order.  Oh per shame per shame you are not reading every chapter in succession (or do I mean to use sequence but determine that succession works too?)!  Per shame, per shame.
Let’s see lets hire a Right Wing Political leader and feed him amphetamines and see what happens?
So Hitler kills many on Amphetamines and Doctor Dougie with the acute legal mind and strong verbal ability becomes a Medical Doctor before puberty because Nazi Scientists figured out a way to zombify an adult Doctor to the psychiatric cross to the benefit of Satan’s children; whomever they may be?
“Adolph how come you don’t feel like killing anymore today?”
“My heart isn’t into it anymore.”
“Oh here I have some Ritalin that will help you learn better.”
“I feel much better; let’s go watch the smokestack together.”

What does smaller government really mean?  It means they get rid of the people and functions in Government that they do not like.  And then what does this much better smaller Government seek to do?  Take a blind eye while Cannabis is legalized under States will against the will or with the will of the smaller Government and at the same time take away our guns that we are guaranteed to have per our first amendment?  That is inciting civil unrest and an impeachable offense.  You don't shake things up for the better by inciting civil unrest you create change by thinking of solutions to problems and implementing the best solution that tries to incorporate all the best ideas and possible outcomes.

So if Bush was on amphetamines what is Barrack Obama on?  Did Barrack Obama have to take a blood test for drugs before being sworn into office?  Does the President of the United States, Governors, Senators and Congressmen have to take a blood test for drugs before the first day on the job.  Remember one can not legally make decisions if there are drugs in the system.  So how can we test a Politicians blood for drugs?  It has to be done as part of some routine type of a deal.  And it has to have support by some department of Justice.  But with smaller government and the good people that no one liked gone how does this happen?

Have you been able to apply Obama Care to your hospital visit???  I don't think that anything has really changed.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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