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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The United States Credit Card 12 09 2012

Wouldn't you like a credit card whereby by if you overpaid the entire balance on the card you would get interest on the deposit at the same rate that you were charged when you carried a balance?

This would eliminate the middle man banking function which has been found to be emperically negligent.

That means zero interest spread between what you earn in interest and what you pay.

There would be a limit on how much you could borrow.

And maybe not everyone would be allowed to participate in the program.  I.e. If you have a pension from a banking or financial institution you would not be allowed to participate.

The interest you would earn would be paid from the interest others paid. 

And you would have had to have been charged interest on your credit cards to a substantial amount in order to pariticipate.

And the amount of money you could deposit with the United States Credit card company could be no more than the credit they made available to you with the card.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy


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