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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Alpha Ape 12 19 2012

Alpha Ape 12 19 2012

You are the Ape tribe leader and didn’t know it.

As they sat in the circle and were raised by a few hairy female monkeys they saw all that you did while out hunting.

They grew to resent their upbringing in that they were raised to be effeminate by females.

They do not seek to hunt as you do. Instead they seek to only have your hunting memories that they learned while sitting in the circle; for without them they are void of any cognition.

When they become old enough they tried to hunt you.

You realized they already knew all of your tactics and there was no known and recognized way that they could have.

Your response as ape leader is to destroy them just as a concurring ape would also do.  And when you do they have been proven to be right about you.  They have indeed proved that you are no different than one of them that would do the same thing!


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