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Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to Create Quick Frame T Strips 12 22 2012

How to Create Quick Frame T Strips 12 22 2012
Diagram on bottom is of end profile of T strip.

Rip two pieces of wood.

One to “1 x  ¼” modular end.

The other to ¾” x ½” modular end profile.

I like to rip to length on the band saw.

Center and affix the 1” side of the 1” strip to the ½” side of the ½” strip.

There will be 1/4” hanging on the side but it looks like a very modern frame when completed.

The two strips are fixed together with wood glue and clamps and some small finishing nails from the underside.

The 1” strip side with be the face of the frame.

Now when you need to make custom frame quickly you miter the four strips to have 45 degree ends.   Connect the framing pieces together with framing clamps, wood glue and countersunk end screws with dowel caps and you have a frame.   Put in an order for a piece of glass and you are set.

Have the strips around the house and when you need to make a frame quickly you are set.

The strips can be primed and painted ahead of time or stained and cleared coated ahead of time.


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And you can alter the end profile dimensions to what suits your artistic pallet.


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