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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Comment with regard to Arizona Ranchers Demand Security at the Border 12 27 2012

And they are coming right through George Bush's neglected State of Texas on their way to Colorado!

Colorado where marijuana is sold on the streets and no one does anything about it!

They won't let me post on the NBC site so I am posting this link to the article I am commenting on.

Wake up America!  Some people in this country have a mother that was a drunken gouche and beer nuts was their father.  They cannot even think for themselves and can only make money by ruining the lives of other people and pushing drugs on them!  Jesus Christ would call them Satan if he were alive today!

Heavily armed drug dealers are coming across the boarder and are a problem in Texas and Barrack wants to ban semiautomatic rifles????  He should be handing them out to Arizona Citizens!!
Barrack can not even account for guns, in fact he gave Mexicans the working assault rifles.  He gave Mexicans assault rifles and wants to take them away from U.S. citizens.  He should be impeached!

Does Barrack believe the only way a black person can make a living in the United States is by selling drugs?  Does Barrack believe that the plight of poor black people is so bad that the only solution is to let them have marijuana to ease their misery.  Is Barrack running this country or his bottle bottom glasses father.  You have to honestly ask this!

Who are the drug users in Colorado?  They are worthless children of the rich who vacationed their and stayed there.  Barrack does not seem to mind that either.  It makes you wonder if the marijuana strain wasn't made lethal and smoked by George Bush and his father.

Jesus Christ, get James Holmes, labeled the Batman Shooter, off his zombie medicine and set him loose on the drug dealers!!!!!  What is the worst that could happen?

Your next generation of children will all be autistic and slaughtered by the enriched Mexican drug Lords and United States Satanic, who are themselves autistic.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News

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