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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post Revelation Rules 12 12 2012

Post Revelation Rules 12 12 2012
1.       So you are going for a walk a seen a homeless person hidden in the brush.  You call the city mayor and he comes immediately and takes him to a homeless shelter.
2.       Your lonely child keeps talking to an adult as part of an occult to drive people from their souls.  That is addressed in your Sunday Mass where you tell the child not to hoosegow.  “We respect the rights of all community members so that they will in turn respect us.”
3.       You tell your dog to attack a human being or were negligent with regard to that intent and the person that the dog attacked shot and killed your dog.  The rule is simple dog attacks innocent human dog dies.  You gave that dog the order to kill!  And the potential victim kills both the dog and you?  If you are bitten by a dog can you not get septicemia and die within one minute?  Did you not order the murder of a human being?  I am with the police killing dogs that attack them.  So you are so scared that you need a dangerous dog to protect you?  Maybe the source that traumatized you and made you so scared a long time ago should have been taken to the edge of the village and stoned?
I carry pepper spray for this scenario.

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Okay so I am maybe being a little hard boned on the third idea.  Just ideas to consider for a better future.

PPS With regard to number 2, if that was your source for money in the world maybe you were born at a disadvantage and it is not everybody else's fault.  Maybe you and your children leave other human beings alone.  And you should leave other peoples children alone! And per number 1 if you find yourself homeless we call the mayor and he takes you to the homeless shelter.

I mean honest to God at least the mayor could get that one right!  It would be far better for the mayor than going out for drinks.  And that is the type of mayor I would want and not the type that enjoys drinking and talking down about members of a community.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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