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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two Inventions Needed 05 03 2012

Two Inventions Needed 05 03 2012

1.        Cam action refrigerator door hinges.  These would allow you to not have to adjust the feet of the refrigerator in order for the door to shut.

2.       A.  Rubber strand or other such material disposable paint brushes that will not shed “hair”.  We need disposable paint brushes that are highly economical.  Background:  Modern paints contain a lot of toxic chemicals and it takes a long time to clean a paint brush in order to reuse it; so one is exposed to those chemicals more by cleaning it.  Most modern paints have some degree of self leveling so a soft spreading end is all that is really needed.  A company could experiment in order to make one by sandwiching a piece of rubber inner tube in various experimental configurations fixed between the ends of two paint stirring sticks.  Or even a soft strip of polyurethane rubber with needle ends cut on one side of it would likely do it.  I use disposable “Chip” type paint brushes for utility and art type painting projects and need something with a higher quality and less cost than them.  Plus the fact that when most of us clean a paint brush the chemical goes directly into our water supply, I feel better about throwing out a paint dried brush.

B. We need paint brushes that do not shed “Hair” on projects.  One way to accomplish making one would be to knit the ends together where they are fixed inside the paint brush and gluing them in place so that they cannot pull out.

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